Teavana : A Noob’s Tale


The holy grail of the tea world!

The other day a friend and I traveled about 2 hours away to attend an in store tea tasting event at Taevana. Before this I had never been there, so I really didn’t know what to expect! But it was definitely worth the trip – an overwhelming worthwhile trip.


I was in heaven right away right after I walking in. The vibe, the smell, and all of the colors – it was just beautifully set up! Definitely made for a pleasant shopping experience. All of the employees were incredibly helpful in answering all of our questions, which  was good because we had a TON. I know quite a bit about coffee, but I will readily admit that I don’t know anything about tea. Before my trip to the store I did a bit of reading on their website, they had an especially helpful page called New to Tea. After perusing this I was able to have a small idea of what I was looking for before I went in the store.

I ended up coming home with 2 different kinds of tea. The first kind I bought was called JavaVana Mate which was suggested to me because I am such an avid coffee drinker. Its creamy and rich and they say that it can easily replace a regular cup of coffee.


The second kind I picked is called Fruta Bomba, which is a green tea, and is super fruity.

frutaI also snagged some really cool tins to store my tea in which were on clearance!


All in all I say that it was a pretty successful trip. Now I just have to do a little more research to figure out the best ways to brew then, since apparently all types of tea require different water temperatures and steeping times..


Do you drink tea? Have you had any experiences with Teavana?

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