Weekly Roundup : Packing Up

Hi guys, happy friday!

What a weird week it has been! I don’t know how it is where you live, but the weather here has been BEAUTIFUL. It doesn’t feel like its december at all with the sun shining and birds chirping almost every day. Lately my life has consisted of a lot of this..


And a lot of this.. (because I’m moving!)

keep calm

Some of my favorite things from this week…

Leftover Mashed Potato & Cheese Biscuits from Jess over at Get Sconed! This recipe is genius, I mean GENIUS. I never would have thought of using leftover mashed potatoes as a base for making biscuits, and her vegan adaptation is just fantastic.

Leftover Mashed Potato & Cheese Biscuits

I came across this article on VegNews which is one of the most helpful Vegan Baking Substitution Guide that I have found to date via the internet. It spells out very clearly what each ingredient in your recipe does, and then gives multiple suggestions on how to replace it depending on what you’re making. With the holidays coming up this is definitely going to be helpful, and I’ve already handed out copies to all of my newly vegan friend, or to my family members who are looking to be a little more health conscious this holiday.

I leave you today with my new favorite song.. I’ve been listening to it on repeat for almost 4 days now. I can’t get enough!

Have a great weekend!


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