Weekly Round Up – Whats “Right”?

Weekly Round-Up is a mish mash of a few of my favorite things that I’ve seen around the internet during the week!

As soon as I saw this recipe I knew it was a winner. Cinnamon-walnut cookies filled with a chocolate hazelnut spread? YES. Definitely on my list for holiday treats to make. Check out the full recipe here on the Healthy. Happy. Life. blog run by Kathy.

Mountain Fudge Sandwhich Cookies from Healthy, Happy, Life

I found this great article on Super Skinny Me – a Smoothie Recipe for Everything. Combinations are given for every possible scenario in which you might need a smoothie.

Hangover? Check.

Post-work out? Check.

A little too much sweet stuff? Detox smoothie, Check.

The chart below was my favorite – it gives different suggestions of what to include and why. Brilliant!


Finally, a few months ago I bought the book Tiny Buddha and it was fantastic! I found this article on their website, Finding Direction When You’re Not Sure Which Choice is “Right”, and it really spoke to me on so many different levels.


Image taken from Bing

We all have had or will have times in our lives where we’re just not sure what to do, or don’t know which path to take. This article said that basically it was okay, and just because the path that you’re following isn’t the same as everyone elses doesn’t mean that you’re wrong.

What are some cool thinks you’ve seen over the internet this week? Leave links below so I can check them out.

Have a great weekend!


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