Diet Busters : Mediterranean

My series of posts called Diet Busters is going to feature different common and not so common diets which you might come across on your journey to improved health and longevity. The purpose of this series is to present you with an unbiased summary of the diet, a few links for you to check out and pursue at your leisure, and then a brief commentary from me.

If you checked out my post reviewing the restaurant Zenobia, you got to see some pretty delicious looking pictures of mediterranean cuisine (side note: I think I may have been mediterranean in a past life. I could eat this food everyday). One of the things that I noticed displayed very prominently when I walked in the door of the restaurant was a few pamphlets and a book talking about the benefits of following a mediterranean diet. Having previously heard a little about the benefits of following a mediterranean diet, I decided that I wanted to do some more investigating, and now I want to share my findings with you!

WebMD summarizes the mediterranean diet as focusing heavily on fruits, veggies, beans/legumes, whole grains, nuts, and olives. Then included less frequently is dairy products, eggs,  and chicken. All of these foods are either eaten raw, baked, steamed, or as close as possible to their natural state. Deep fried foods, and overly processed sugary snacks have no place in this diet. Water and regular exercise is a must.

Mayo Clinic had this cool pyramid which I thought I would share!

So in a nut shell it seems simple right? I think that the people from the Mediterranean were definitely doing something right. An abundance of veggies, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins (animal or otherwise) can easily provide you with vitamins, minerals, and proteins that you need. Minimally including dairy products can also provide essential calcium, so you be should be set right? This article from LiveStrong talks a little more about the type of lifestyle that accompanies a traditional mediterranean diet and how they work together.

A typical day foodwise of a person following a mediterranean diet would look something like this…

Breakfast : Yogurt with honey and pistachios, a slice of whole grain toast, and a piece of fruit.

picture credits to

Lunch : Salad with olive oil and lemon dressing, chickpeas or another legume as protein

Snack : Hummus and pita or vegetables. NOM!

Dinner : Grilled vegetables, cous cous or brown rice, and some kind of protein (tofu, fish, legumes, etc.)

I also thought I would note that I’ve seen numerous sources suggest that 5oz of red wine is also a key part of the diet… just saying 😉

What are your thoughts about the mediterranean diet? Do you think it’s something that would work for you? What would/wouldn’t you change?


One thought on “Diet Busters : Mediterranean

  1. mmm I love Med. food!! My mom just got back from a trip to Italy and she was explaining how so much of the food that was prepared for her was SIMPLE… simple ingredients, lots of olive oil and healthy fats, and lots of FRESH fresh foods. I imagine that a traditional Mediterranean diet is probably pretty similar.

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