Resturant Review : Zenobia

One of my favorite things to eat on this planet is whole fresh foods.. particularly mediterranean food. If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would probably be hummus or avocados (but this is a topic for another day!)

Zenobia Cuisine is a restaurant in the north-eastern ohio area which specializes in authentic middle eastern cuisine. What does authentic middle eastern cuisine mean? Read : FRESH! I knew right away that this place would be right up my alley. Not only do they have a full moderately priced menu, but they also have a selection of Lebanese wines and even desert. Resturants like Zenobia are great options for dining out whether you’re a meat-eater, vegetarian, or vegan. Lots of options to mix and match, and everyone walks away happy.

To start off we ordered two different appetizers one of hummus and tabouli, and the other was grilled asparagus with garlic and pomegranate dressing. Both were equally delicious! But even with my partiality for hummus, the grilled asparagus took home the prize for best part of the whole meal. Not only was the plating perfection, but the pomegranate dressing is made fresh each day and that paired with the garlic was an absolute dream.

For my main meal I chose a tried and true favorite.. the falafel wrap. Being 100% honest I wasn’t incredibly impressed with the falafel, it was a bit bland for my tastes. But the portion size was HUGE, so I took the other half home to eat later (update : the other half was made tastier with the addition of hot sauce!)

Overall I give Zenobia Cuisine two thumbs up. If you go definitely try the grilled asparagus (especially in the spring through out the late summer, when it’s in season!). Next time I go back I think instead of getting the falafel sandwich as my main nosh I might go with a fatoush salad, or maybe order another appetizer instead.


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