Change is in the air…

Apple Pear Bisque with Walnuts.


Couldnt ask for a more delicious soup on such a gloomy day. One of the things which is great about my university is that they really care about their students. Last semester I began a small petition to get more vegan/clean options in our cafeteria, and guess what? They put in a new station called the Pure Station, where they serve all raw and vegan foods. SCORE!!! I don’t think I could be happier if I tried. 🙂

Heres to hoping that this is the beginning of a whole slew of new healthy and unprocessed options in my university’s cafeteria!

Happy monday!

Michal ♥


5 thoughts on “Change is in the air…

  1. That’s so awesome that you created a change in the food system at your campus!! I am so proud of you for taking action! They actually listened–Wow! Keep up all the good work, Michal…


  2. I’m really impressed that you took the time to advocate for more vegan choices– great job. And how wonderful that they responded. You’re a positive change agent!

  3. Michal, that’s encouraging your university took time to consider your opinion and act upon it with the creation of the “Pure Station”. Here’s hoping for more healthy recipes on your menu like Apple Pear Bisque with Walnuts.

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