Zumba Convention Part 1

Hi Bloggins!

I’m back and recharged from a whirl wind week at the Zumba Convention which was in Orlando!! I’ve got soo much to catch up on so im going to start at the beginning and keep on going!

In the wee hours of the night my three other instructor friends and I packed up the car and headed on the road down to Orland, FL. The 18 hour drive was a LONG one let me tell you, but I kept myself amused by listening to music and catching up on my two favorite magazines.

Arriving is Orlando was literally like a breath of fresh air. People were smiling, and the energy that surrounded me was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. We headed to the Peabody hotel to register and then we set off to explore our surroundings before our whirlwind weekend got started.

So.. four girls together, in a new state, in a hoppin town with all kinds of fun stuff to do, and what do we decide to do?? SHOP. Thats right we waited in line for over 2 hours for the ZUMBA WONDERLAND STORE.. and boy what a wonderland it was. We got to see sneak peaks of all the new zumba wear that is coming out, and to try things on. I just about died walking in there because there was so way to show how HUGE this place was. It just kept going and going.. I got TONS of new fun clothes to wear — wee!

After going back to the hotel late, showering, and getting a few hours of sleep I got up early to go and get ready for my first training workshop of the week – Zumba Basics 2!

Taking this workshop allowed me to learn four more rhythms – tango, flamenco, belly dance, and samba – as well as get a better idea of how to teach class members of all fitness levels, and more about modification. It was AMAZING. Oh… and did I mention that Zumba super star TANYA BEARDSLEY was leading my workshop? AHHHHHH!! 🙂 Tanya is fantastic. Her energy is out of this world, and she truly is an inspiration.

She was kind enough to snap a picture with me after my 9 hour workshop was over.. me sweaty and star struck couldn’t have been happier.

After my workshop was over I did some socializing and finally made it back to the hotel to get a couple of hours of sleep before friday (which were much-needed after you see the all of the stuff that happened!!)

Stay tuned for Friday’s Recap!!

Michal ♥


6 thoughts on “Zumba Convention Part 1

  1. The Zumba convention looks and sounds great so far! I STILL have not tried Zumba and it seems like I’m the only one that still has to do so. One day I’ll get around to it..one day. Can’t wait to read your Friday recap! 🙂

  2. wow those rhythms you learnt are going to make for some high energy fabulous zumba classes! ooo salsa ❤
    a convention like this would be amazing to go to, its so wonderful that you were able to connect with so many zumbeees hehe

    xoxo ❤

  3. Wow!….that is all I can say. I’m pretty sure they don’t have zumba conventions like this in the UK 😦
    But I still love ZUMBA!!

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