Hello (o..o…o)

Anyone out there?

Hi guys!

I know its been a while, but life has been keeping me beyond busy this summer I just dont have much free time to be playing around on the computer. I miss you all bunches and bunches – whats new in the lives of my fabulous bloggins?


I am personally getting ready to head down to Orlando, FL for the ZUMBA CONVENTION! AHHHH! You all know that I have been talking about it for months and months now, and the time is finally here.


Just a few yummy meals I’ve had within the past few weeks…

Veggie fajitas! With avocado, and sun-dried tomatoes.


Falafel sammy!

Wheat pita, hummus, a bit of tabouli, greens, and pickled turnips with falafel nuggets of deliciousness.

Gosh how I ADORE falafel!

Finally I want to wish you all a  happy fourth of july!I hope you all had a fantastic day with you famalies today and enjoyed yourselves. Ill get back into the groove of this whole blogging thing soon once Im home from Orlando. Ill be gone for a whole week!

Michal ♥

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