What a lovely day..

EDIT : Just informed via twitter that my blog has reached over 91,000 hits! You all ROCK!

I am such a lucky girl, and I get reminded of that all the time!

For the one lovely blog award:

* copy and paste the logo in your blog.
* share 7 things about yourself.

*pass this along to 7 other well deserving bloggers!

Seven things about me…

1. I just finishing my freshman year in college! I can’t believe that I’m going to be a sophomore, this past year just flew by.

2. Im studying health/exercise science. I am totally a nerd when it comes to all things nutrition and exercise science related. I go to lectures on weird things such at the Pre and Post Pardial Thermic Effect of Food on the Body. And I drag my friends along!

3. I have a problem with teeth! I have to keep mine clean at all times, and brush way to many times each day.

4. I’m semi OBSESSED with Zumba fitness. Dancing is one of my passions. Take it away and I feel like I have no oxygen.

5. I could eat humus everyday… and I do.

6. Recently the Kardashians has become one of my guilty pleasures. Dont ask me why, but in my mono bed bound state I became fascinated by this show.

7. I’m dying to go bungee jumping and white water rafting.

And now to spread the love!

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Time to return to unpacking and a little yoga!

Enjoy your tuesday! 🙂

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What is one of your secret guilty pleasures?

6 thoughts on “What a lovely day..

  1. Wow. I’m on the list. I feel so special. Thanks!

    I don’t think you are a nerd at all … unless I am one, too. I brush my teeth a lot, am obsessed with all things related to fitness/nutrition and watch the Kardashians. Very cool 🙂

  2. wow! yay for hits!!
    1) thank you SO MUCH for thinking of meeeeeeeeee! honored!!! flattered!
    2) yay for having your first year done at college!!!!!!!!
    3) hummus- agreeeeeeeeee! Need it more in my life!!
    4) I love the kardashians!! def. a guilty pleasure!!


  3. I’ve gone bungee jumping and it is SO much fun. Scary but the adrenaline rush you get after is absolutely insane. I was seriously jacked on life after it.

    My guilty pleasure.. dorky music. Use to fight it, now I just embrace it.

  4. thanks for the tag! so interesting facts about you! I could eat hummus everyday too!!! 😀

    secret guilty pleasure? mmm…. I love corns too much, I could it for every meal for the rest of my life… the problem is that too many corns cause bloating and no appetite for others amazing food! 🙂

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