Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Do you remember last year when I went to an all vegan buffet for earth day?

Well this year isn’t going to be nearly as exciting in the food department – but in the Zumba department it’s going to be so much fun! For the first time since January I am going to get to see my older Zumba instructor friends, and im actually going to teach a few songs in class with them tonight. LOVE THAT!

I’m home from school for the weekend and so happy to be here. It’s funny but you don’t realize how many little things you miss about being home until your away for what seems like ever!

I started my day off today with a morning cup of coffee (I know, since when do I drink coffee?) in my favorite mug that I got for christmas this past year.

So cute right? I just love this mug so much 🙂

I’m really looking forward to Zumba tonight with Sam and Kelly – I’m hoping that tonight’s class could turn into a job at their studio this summer! Wish me luck!

Off to do a little yoga and begin studying for finals week!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What are you doing to celebrate earth day? Anything fun?


3 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

  1. I didn’t even realize it was Earth Day! haha – I’m laughing at myself right now. But now that I know, maybe I’ll buy some flowers for my deck 🙂 That’s ‘earthy’, right?

  2. vegan buffet!! wowweee! too bad you couldn’t do that again this year, but I’m sure you still had some good eats- YOU ALWAYS HAVE!!

    And yay for zumba!! Wish you could teach meeeeeeeeeeee!

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