Vegan Protein Sources and YOU!

Hi hi sugar pies!

I was so eager to hear feed back from you on my last post – the whole VegNews magazine shenanigan is drawing SO much attention. There have been some really great suggestions as to what VegNews can do, and everyone agrees that they could totally find some vegan photographers (perhaps one of us fabulous bloggers out there, no? 😉 ) to take photographs for the magazine, and get in return a free issue or advertising in the magazine. What do you think?

Onward to todays discussion… Clean Eating, Protein Sources and YOU!

Although it has been discussed numerous times by countless sources, myself included, I decided that I wanted to put together a post all about the different sources of VEGAN and CLEAN protein sources.

Foods are categorized as being a “protein” by their constituent building blocks known as amino acids.  There are two classes of amino acids:

  • those that the body CANNOT produce or it can only produce in inadequate quantities are known as essential amino acids; those that the body can produce in sufficient quantities are known as non-essential amino acids
  •  Protein food sources containing all essential amino acids are known as complete proteins, while those lacking one or more essential acids are known as incomplete proteins. (This is where many vegetarian protein sources fall – as incomplete proteins)

Protein provides the building blocks for muscles and other tissues, and is also required for maintenance of muscles and body tissue as well as the immune and hormonal systems.  Other uses include: water balance, metabolism, body defense and energy source in times of need. For more information about protein, and how it’s assimilated by the body check out this article by the PCRM.

So first you need to calculate how much protein you need, and you can use this nifty formula to do it!

Body weight (in pounds) X 0.36 = recommended protein intake

Now for some sources of clean vegan protein…

1 cup Tempeh -41 grams (wow!!)
3 oz. Seitan – 31 grams
1 c. Soybeans – 29 grams
1 c. Lentils – 18 grams

All beans are a protein source, except jelly beans of course! 🙂

1 c. Black beans – 15 grams
1 c. Kidney beans – 13 grams
1 Veggie burger – 13 grams (varies by brand)
1 c. Chickpeas – 12 grams
4 oz. firm Tofu – 11 grams
1 c. Quinoa – 9 grams
2 Tbsp Peanut butter – 8 grams

1/4 c. Almonds has 8 grams
1 c. plain Soy milk has 7 grams
6 oz. plain Soy yogurt has 6 grams

Even more vegan protein sources can be found here courtesy of the VRG (Vegetarian Resource Group)

Whoever said that you can get adequate levels of protein while following a vegan diet is just nuts!

What my favorite source of vegan protein? Well there are SO many ways to prepare and use all of the difference sources, but one of my favorites of course is the humble and delectable chickpea!

Hummus with pretzel crisps that I got from my universities cafeteria! NOM!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What is your favorite source of protein?


One thought on “Vegan Protein Sources and YOU!

  1. Hey girl! So happy you are back. Hope everything is going well.
    My favorite protein source is tofu! Although I cannot seem to cook it right, I love when Whole Foods Market cooks it for me! Spoiled? I think so! 😉


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