Happy Valentines Day!

Hi hi sugar pies!

Happy valentines day!

I just love this day – and my professors seem to love it too, since I have had two exams so far. But things are going to get better tonight since I am having a Zumba valentines day party – and im breaking out the pink 🙂 Its going to be FUN! I can’t wait.

What are you doing to celebrate valentines day?

Earth Mama sent me a special valentines day care package… cant wait to see whats inside! Off to open it now!

Longer post coming soon!

Michal ♥

3 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day!

  1. Break out that pink! Gotta love Valentines Day exams….my sister had two papers and a test yesterday and she called me all stressed out and I felt bad that she had to spend her day like that!

    My hubby and I checked out a great new local place for Valentines day and it was amazing. Then we spent the evening playing wii and drinking wine! It was a great way to celebrate if you ask me:)

  2. I didn’t celebrate Valentines Day but I am really excited to see what your mom sent you! Now hurry up with that longer post. 😉

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