This is what happens..

When your stuck in your dorm room due to insane snow and ice storms!

Thank you Snowpocalypse!

One trip to the cafeteria in below zero weather becomes a horder fest for snacks.

4 bananas, 3 apples, 2 bags of both shredded wheat and organic cinnamon raisin granola. In the tupper ware we have roasted red pepper humus and pits chips.

Hope you all are staying safe out there!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What are your favorite cold weather munchies?

7 thoughts on “This is what happens..

  1. I want a snowpocalypse!! Yeah, I know, I’m crazy. It just sounds.. well.. kind of exciting. 😀

    My favorite cold weather munchies are almost the same as my warm weather munchies. It all depends on my latest foodie obsession.

  2. haha, you’re funny. But, I feel you’re pain. As soon as I was able to get my car out (in fear of more snow), I went to the store and you would have thought it was freaking Armageddon – I’m still like WTF was I thinking!? So. Much. Food. 🙂

  3. You got hit pretty hard back east with all those storms, huh? Crazy weather! Sometimes Utah gets pretty snowy itself, but nothing lately that sounds like this Snowpocalypse you’ve been mentioning!

    Side note: I am wondering what that cute mushroom button is? Is it a plate? A lid? What is it? I like it! 🙂

    I was checking out Zumba gear online last night. I figure after two years as a hard-core fan, I should probably dress the part! But instead I got some serious sticker-shock—the price for Zumba clothes is so high! I think $60 for a pair of pants is kind-of steep! That doesn’t even include the shipping! Still, I know I’ll get good use out of them so it’s probably worth it. One of these days I’ll break down and spluge. Oh, and the “denim” Zumba leggings are really cute! You should check them out!

    Zumba Forever, my college friend!

  4. hummus and chips, i’ll be telepathically long-distance food-twinning you since we’ll be enjoying the same thing right about now hehe.
    sheesh be careful in those snow and ice storms. would u like me to send you some of my dry weather with sunshine right now?
    (i guess thats a yes) hehe


  5. We had .75 inches of snow last Friday (actually Thursday night after midnight). You wouldn’t believe what a wussarama that causes in San Antonio. All the school districts, public offices and freeways were shut down. We missed a half day of work. It was fun. Of course we were all atwitter about it the whole week leading up, so I had chow in store, and plenty of cocoa. Your stash looks very appetizing. I’m glad you were able to brave the temps and forage for it!

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