Seriously this reminds me of the movie

 “The Day After Tomorrow”

A solid 24 hours of freezing rain and snow has left us with a nice shiny 4 inch thick layer of ice.

Ice Ice Baby.

We were the only university in north-east ohio that held class today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow classed are cancelled!

Also BIG new!! Tickets for the Zumba Convention of 2011 are going on sale soon!!!

Cant wait till I can buy my ticket! 🙂

Michal ♥

Question of the day – Are you getting crazy winter weather right now??

6 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse

  1. No, we’re not experiencing any crazy weather, and despite the many, many predictions that we were going to have a really bad winter, we’ve only seen snow twice, and both times it was minimal. Today we had a beautiful sunny, yet cold, day. It was one of those sunny days that are so gorgeous you have to open up the house windows, even though it makes it freezing inside. 😉

  2. Holy Freaking Moly! You just made me feel lucky that we only have 9ish inches of snow here! ha, we started to get the ice on Monday, but it’s nothing like what you all received – Ahhh, living in the midwest – full of surprises!

  3. Our weather is SO crazy………………………………….. not. It’s currently raining here on the west coast of BC. Very dreary but nothing like all the snow other parts of Canada and a lot of the States is getting.

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