Zumba is always better with friends..

Hi everyone!

So much has been going on here, it’s been so crazy! I have been getting  ready to go back to college to begin my second semester of my freshman year. I start classes on monday and I am really excited to begin my new schedule. This semester I am taking classes that are more specific to my major which is Exercise Science. What was your major in college?

My semester looks like…

  • Intro to Exercise Science
  • Elementary Statistics
  • Religion and Human Experience
  • Intro to Theater
  • Public Speaking

I’m really happy with the way that my schedule worked out this semester. I’m taking 17 credit hours which is one more than I took last semester, but I think I should be able to handle it!

Onto food!

The other day I made a caesar salad using a dressing recipe that I found in Veganomicon. I used spinach greens and broccoli, and I toasted rye bread for croutons, used fresh pepper and added a sprinkling of nooch on top along with the dressing for garnish.

After making some alterations to the recipe (lessening the garlic, adding more lemon juice) it was perfect and one of the best caesar salads that I have had in a long time!

Aside from cooking in the kitchen and entertaining friends who have come to stay, I have been taking Zumba fitness classes with all of my instructors from back at home. I’ve even been co-teaching classes with one of my close friends who also teaches Zumba fitness, and have had such a wonderful experience.

Myself and Chris together 🙂

I am so happy that I had the opportunity, but I am sad that I wont get to see her until the next time im home. But I am excited to get back to school and start teaching my Zumba classes again!

I’m playing hostess to one of my friends from school for the next couple days and I have been having so much fun showing her around and cooking all kinds of yummy vegan food for her.

Tomorrow were going shopping and hitting up the Flaming Ice Cube for a little food reunion!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What is your favorite salad dressing?

12 thoughts on “Zumba is always better with friends..

  1. Good luck with your classes! It might be tough, but try to enjoy it 😉 It makes life better 🙂
    Toasted rye for croutons is a good idea! I should try that!
    Looks like you’re enjoying zumba with your amiga! Give us a recap on your FIC visit!! ❤
    And my fave salad dressing is vegan ranch; the food co-op had it and I was amazed by it! 😀

  2. I was a double major – youth&family and Christian education. Loved it. 🙂

    Aww, it is always sad to say goodbye to people you care about, but like you said, at least you get to go back to teaching your regular Zumba class! 🙂

  3. I’m a government and politics major. I’m usually a balsamic girl but my favorite vegan cafe has this agave-mustard dressing that is incredible, I can’t go there without ordering it!

  4. U look so pretty in your zumba gear! Im going to buy a zumba tank at the training this friday!

    Hope you have a great week girl!

    My fave dressing is Annies Honey Mustard! Its the BEST!

  5. You’ll have fun with that class schedule. Sure, it’s 17 hours..but you have some really interesting classes in there! It’ll be no problem. 🙂 What exactly is your major? I’m assumin it has something to do with fitness since you’re an instructor and are taking a class about it. Mines nutrition science so they’d both be health-related. 🙂

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