New year – New you!

Happy new year!

Something about this time of the year that is incredibly exciting. The first of january is a time when anything is possible. The sky is the limit for your potential, and the new year is yours for the taking. I firmly believe that the new year is a time to set new years GOALS rather than RESOLUTIONS. Why?

Resolutions to many mean that once you have a set back or fall off the wagon, that is it. Sayonara to your resolutions and there is always next year to achieve these things. To me I see a goal setting as an opportunity to raise the bar for yourself. A chance for you to push yourself for your own personal best. If you have a minor set back, who cares?! It is a GOAL – something to work towards and to constantly improve upon.

After reflecting on my 2010 I have set a few goals for myself in 2011..

  • Give away or throw away one thing each day. I have come to the conclusion that no one person needs as many material possessions as I have.
  • Physically I am going to strive to achieve my personal best. I can’t wait to see how I can transform my body this year. I am going to push myself to be the best me I can be.
  • Study hard, play harder. Keeping myself on the Dean’s List at my University (yay!), but also make more time to have fun with friends.

2010 was filled with so many wonderful experiences. Graduating from high school, beginning college, getting my license to teach Zumba fitness. I am already eager about the many things that 2011 will bring. A few things I have to look forward are..

  • Finishing my freshman year of college.
  • Attending the Zumba convention in Orlando, Florida! AHHHH! More on this later!
  • Doing more to promote veganism.
  • Work harder to make a name for myself in the fitness and nutrition industry.

Bring on 2011! I’m ready to take on the challenge of becoming a better and more well-rounded person!

Post-christmas update coming soon! Enjoy the day!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What are some of your new years resolutions/goals?


12 thoughts on “New year – New you!

  1. I love your views on goals! We have some very similar ones, so it’ll be a fun journey! I tried Zumba for the first time three weeks ago, I loved it! I never knew I could sweat so much! I’d always been fearful of dance like aerobics but hey, who cares if you’re making a fool of yourself as long as you’re moving! Can’t wait to hear about the convention!

  2. I like your spirit here, girl! Very true about the resolution; people think it’s “the end” once you mess up. I think New Year’s resolution is unnecessary, and what’s important is to set a goal and achieve it! 😀
    My goals are:
    to believe in myself
    to trust myself
    don’t compare myself with others; see the best in myself!

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