Zumba Update & Finals Week!!

Hi all!

Oh my gosh it is finals week!

 I cannot believe that my first semester as a college freshman is coming to an end. Where has the year gone? In order to prepare for finals im studying my booty off to make sure I’m ready. And then Ill be heading home later this week for the holidays. I cannot wait!!

As promised I wanted to do a little update on me teaching Zumba 🙂

Ever since I got licensed to teach Zumba fitness in September of this year I have been having the time of my life. Getting to actually instruct and teach classes and sharing something that brings me so much joy is amazing to me! Here on campus I am teaching classes 3 times per week, and each class I am getting anywhere between 20 and 25 students!

One thing I have noticed though is that my workouts have become geared more towards Zumba. I will do an hour or two of Zumba 5-6 days per week. My awesome lifting scheduele has pretty much stopped unfortunatly. But I am hoping to pick it back up again of christmas break.

Over thanksgiving break I was able to go home and take a few classes with my old instructor, and her brand new studio! Its amazing! This place that she has created is something that I also hope to do someday! Just re-taking a class or two was able to relight my fire and get me pumped about working on some new choreography.

There is also an exciting possability that this coming summer I may be heading down to Florida for the 2010 Zumba Instructor convention. I would be thrilled if I could dance my heart out with over 3000 other instructors. Lets hope it happens! Ill keep you posted!

Now onto some recent eats!

I was able to try a new brand of hummus, which perfectly complemented the newest issue of VeNews magazine.

Cucumber slices were the perfect companion for some hummus disspage.

Latley I have been missing the food from home! Nothing to me says winter like sweet potatos, miso soup and smoothies. Well maybe not smoothies so much but after not having one for months on end I am in the mood for a mega green monster! The first thing I make when I get home will be one for sure!

 Alrighty I have got to scram, ive got some major studying to do and I am teaching a Zumba fitness class tonight! Stay warm!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What is your favorite winter comfort food??

11 thoughts on “Zumba Update & Finals Week!!

  1. OMG you are one crazy child! You’re so rockin’ at Zumba! Glad you found your passion, and I hope you can go to the convention! Snap of video of it for the people who can’t go, will ya?

    You’re still in school? Holy cow! 😯 Last week was our finals week, and I was done on wednesday, so I drove right to home and voila! I’m enjoying my break here! 🙂 Lots of drawings (but I don’t have my scanner here; it’s in my dorm room! Nooooooooooo!!) Oh well, I have my bf to do it for me 🙂 (Found any cute boys yet?) 😉

    It’s so cool how there are young people and GUYS in your zumba class! That’s a pretty rare thing, you know!

  2. Such a cute pic of you infront of the Zumba logo, Michal! And with your Zumba family, too–it really is like that, isn’t it! I feel the same sort of camaraderie with my Wednesday and Thursday night groups here in Utah. I call them my Zumba sisters! 🙂

    Well, my sister is now a Zumba instructor too! I wish we could all meet up and workout together! But maybe with that instructor convention in to Florida, you’ll meet up with her! That’d be cool! (Her name is Marcy!)

    Anyway, it is always so fun to stop by your precious blogland and see how you are, Michal! Love ya, my friend! 😀

  3. I’VE MISSED YOU! I’ve been reading your posts but my commenting has been rather nonexistent lately.

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying zumba!! I can’t wait to move to the city so I can try it out. It looks like so much fun. 😀

  4. That is so awesome about you loving zumba! I actually am going to be a certified instructor too as of Next month, Im really excited and it is great to see that you love teaching it so much! I have to check out that zumba workshop!! That looks really cool and good to do!

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