Im all germy!

Ewwww germs!

Over the course of the past few days I’ve gotten a cold, but not just any cold its like a MEGA COLD!

Lets check the symptoms..

  • Sniffles.. Check
  • Sore throat.. Check
  • Mega tired.. Check

I’m not quite sure what I have. I’m hoping that its just the common cold, but I’ve heard that strep throat is going around campus. Ew!

Onto some recent eats of late..

A delicious wrap from Andrea’s Garden. A sprouted grain wrap, with roasted portobello mushrooms, cucumbers, hummus, cranberries and tomatoes.

Twas muy delicious!

Review Alert!

Since I have been busier than I would have liked lately I have been relying more on packaged bars. A newbie I tried was the Chocolate Brownie Cliff Bar.

The verdict?

It was indeed chocolaty. But since I am not a huge chocolate lover, it was only so so for me. I would prefer to have my Blueberry Crisp.

I was also able to try a Nakd Bar in Cashew Cookie (remember when I tried Pecan Pie?)

The verdict?

I love the size of these bars, they are not too big or too small they are just right. Perfect for on the go and just FYI the wrappers don’t make loud noises (perfect for snacking in class!) The texture was great too, not too dry or moist, and was nice and smooth!

I would so eat one of these bad boys again!

One thing that I am really missing since I have come to college is oatmeal. Ahhh how I miss thee. Who would have ever thought I would trade all the hummus in the world just for a bowl of oatmeal with some bloobs.

Perhaps a bowl of my Groovy Green Oats, or Carrot Cake Oatmeal?

Come to mama!

Lets hope I can get some soon, because that is what my tummy is craving right now!

On a happy note, I got my big sis last week!

Me, my big, my grand big, and my great grand big.

What a happy little family. And this Friday is initiation! šŸ™‚

Michal ā™„

Question of the day – What have you been craving lately??

11 thoughts on “Im all germy!

  1. There’s a CHOCOLATE BROWNIE CLIFF BAR? No way. No waaay! That’s awesome and I want to try it asap.

    Lately I’ve been craving.. carbs. Carbs, carbs, carbs. Winter is making me carb crazy.

  2. You know what’s so weird…?
    I just posted about being wicked sick with a cold, and talked about a veggie hummus wrap, like to hours ago.
    And then I come to read your blog and I saw this post!
    And I was like… Woah.

    Sorry. This sicklyness is making me a little loopy!
    Hope you feel better!

    Oh and to add to the creepyness, I was going to review a raw vegan bar similar to the cliff bar on Monday. So so so weird.

    I really hope you feel better! I’m getting so sick of this cold, I’ve been craving soup like a mad woman.

  3. you need some MEGA love for your MEGA cold!! mmm i need to make ur groovy green oats again. that was one of my favorite recipes even tho it was so simple too!! ā¤

  4. OMG welcome back!!!! You were gone for….EVER!! šŸ˜¦ I missed you A LOT!!

    Really? I love the chocolate brownie cliff bar sooooooooo much! I like chocolate too much, ha ha šŸ˜‰

    I still can’t find those naked bars…I’ve never even seen it before! Meeeeh.

    Wow, you must be craving oatmeal like crazy! Can’t you make one in your room? Or do you not have oatmeal with you??

    Congrats on meeting your “family”! They’re so cute! And the sweater is ADORABLE!! What does it stand for??

  5. Gosh I’m surprised they don’t have oatmeal in the dining room. Mine had everything, oatmeal, cream of wheat, granola, dry cereal, trail mix, sweet rolls, strudel, biscuits, toast, hashbrowns, omelette station. Looking back, I think any kind of diet would have been workable.

    Oops, now I’m hungry.

    Ask your earth mama to send you a rescue package.

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