Whats that smell?

Fall has arrived in Ohio!

You know that smell that you can’t describe. The crunchy smell of leaves, or the smell of a fall breeze. Or the squirt in the face that you get when you bite into a delicious crunchy in season fall apple. Which happened to me multiple times this weekend.

Where did this all take place you ask?

White House Fruit Farms.

During the fall this is the place to be. Apples as far as the eyes can see of every variety, yummy handmade goodies and handcrafted decorations. I love going and I wish I could go more often!

Fall is here! 🙂

Weird mutant pumpkins were plentiful.

Sweet potato butter?!

Come to mama…

Warm apple cider is one of my favorite things.

Earth Grandmama and I.

A little sweet potato lovin to end the day.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons by far. Just getting to spend a day outside with the family was more then enough to make my weekend. What a wonderful way to spend my fall break home from college! Although im not going to lie, I sure do miss school! Tomorrow night at this time I’ll be on my way back to campus!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What fun things have you done this weekend? What are your favorite things about fall?


13 thoughts on “Whats that smell?

  1. ahh! I absolutely LOVE Halloween, pumpkin pies and … the weather and the pretty leaves 😛
    I went horseback riding all day 🙂 My butts so sore 😛

  2. That farm looks just like a place near my parents’ house that I’ve been going to for years and I LOVE!! Best thing I did this weekend was hang out with my sister in law…I’m glad I got to know her better!

    Hope you have a great start to your week love!!

  3. Ohmygoodness – fall is THE BEST smell in the world. I had it going all weekend even when I was inside courtesy of a fabulous pumpkin spice candle and baked acorn squash. I haven’t made it to a farm, yet, though, so I’m living vicariously through your pictures. Looks like a lovely place!

  4. Apples and pumpkins! Those are some of my favorite fall things. I also love the gorgeous colors and the crisp air that makes it okay for me to wear boots. 🙂

    That sweet potato just made me decide what my breakfast is going to be..haha.

  5. That looks like so much fun. I’m taking the kids to the pumpkin patch this weekend. I can’t wait.

    BTW, did I ever tell you that my grandfather grew up in Ohio? We used to go back for visits all the time.

    Congrats on your Zumba cert. My sister has been taking classes, and I’ve been thinking about joining her. I used to have the DVDs back when Jacob was first born.

  6. i found you from the swanky dietician. enjoyed her blog so i wanted to see yours as well. as an ohioan, i love autumn pumpkins, sweet potatoes and apple cider. enjoy your time back at school and keep us posted on your classes. i enjoy a break from being a chemist and thinking about other disciplines

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