A New Chapter Begins…

Happy Wednesday!

This whole past week has been an emotional, super fun-filled blur!

In my last post I asked you about you opinions of Greek life, and whether or not you were a part of the Greek community. I have been doing a lot of thinking about joining a sorority since I was a little girl, and a part of me has always wanted too. Well all of last week I went through the recruitment process, and had one of the most amazing weeks of my life!

On Sunday, which was bid day, I was able to run into the new arms of my new sisters and welcomed “home.” 🙂 I do not think I have cried that much in a long time, i just could not keep it together!

I am a proud new sister of Alpha Xi Delta!

The new little “fuzzies” (including me! :))


On the food front I have been eating true to the Earth Muffin philosophy..

  • Lots of leafy greens and fruit
  • Loving my peanut butter
  • And keeping in real with granola!

Review Alert!

But thanks to Newman’s Own Organics, I have been hooked up in my dorm room with all kinds of yummy and wonderful snacks that are perfect for late nights. One of my new favorites being their premium dark chocolates.

I’m honestly not much of a sweet girl, I used to love chocolate, but anymore after a few bites I am all chocolated out. Well that isn’t the case with the dark chocolate from Newman’s Own Organics. Their chocolate is so smooth and delicious, and it has a nice strong flavor. YUM!

The verdict? Would I eat this again?

You betcha! Get your hands on this stuff ASAP! 🙂

The food on my campus is so so. Honestly I was worried that I wouldn’t have access to any vegan food at all, and I had to think about what I would do. Here they have tofurkey, and they are pretty great about having humus all the time. They have soy milk (no longer in a dispenser), and the have veggie burgers and vegan cheese. I love college so so much! But one thing I wish is that vegan food was more readily available.

Not to mention I miss working at the Flaming Ice Cube, the best most delicious vegan restaurant ever!

This weekend is fall break and im going home for the first time since my 8 hours at home for my zumba certification! And a little birdie told me that I have some special packages waiting for me! What could it be? 😉 SUSPENSE! And I’m really excited to spend some good quality time with Earth Mama and the rest of the family!

Also thanks to you guys for being so wonderful and concerned about my back injury! It has begun to feel a lot better over the last few days, but I’ve had to cancel teaching my Zumba classes and have not working out at all. I miss Zumba so much! I’m just trying to remind myself to take it slow, and hopefully after another weekend of rest I’ll be back in action and teaching classes again next week!

Keep your eyes peeled for that giveaway!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What is your favorite kind /brand of chocolate??

6 thoughts on “A New Chapter Begins…

  1. I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying college!! 😀 Congrats on joining the Greek community!

    Yeah, vegan food at school is sometimes iffy, but at least they HAVE something!

    That chocolate is so good!!!! 😀 My faves are any from Trader Joe’s (it’s cheap AND good!) and Endangered Species!!!! (if you like blueberries in your chocolate, you’d go crazy for the blueberry chocolate bar!!!) 😀

  2. Congrats on getting into that sorority! That’s so exciting. 😀 Canada only has sororities at a few schools and the school I may be going to is one of them.. I still haven’t decided if I’d want to join one though.

    I had no idea Newman’s Own made chocolate bars!! Looks.so.good.

  3. congratulations on your sisterhood! being apart of a sorority is something i’m really looking forward to in college. i can’t wait to hear about all the fun you’re having :). also, it’s great to hear that your college has vegan options. you know what works for you body so being able to feed it how you know best is always amazing.

    have a lovely day!

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