Yog-wild over here!

Hi all!

Thanks so much for your comments on my last post, I loved learning about what you are craving lately. Its so weird how sometimes your body just wants what it wants. Oh and thanks for not making fun of me and my seven facts about me. 🙂 I know that some of them are silly (read – teeth fear!).

Actually I did a quick google search and actually there is a name for that –  Ondontophobia! Freaky! Now while I dont have a serious fear of teeth, im just veeerrry teeth sensative. Make sense?

You all know the Chocolate-Covered Queen herself is a master in the kitchen. Well for a while now I have had her recipe for Vegan Yogurt bookmarked, and the other day I finally made it.

I love love love yogurt! But many types of soy yogurt have TONS of added sugar, which I’m trying to watch these days. So it couldn’t have been a better time to make some!

My recipe used a little more silken firm tofu, blueberries, agave nectar, a splash of vanilla soymilk and then a smidgen of xanthan gum to thicken it up just a bit.

Yummy for fuji apple dippage!

Amazing! This will definitely be a staple in my diet!

I’ve been getting lot’s of leafy green’s too. I seem to be craving them lately!

In this bowl here I have spinach and romaine, fresh corn, peas, cucumbers and then an oriental marinated tofu. MMM! ON top I drizzled my Tangy Tahini Dressing, which I gave a southwestern kick to by adding chipotle hot sauce.

I have also been juicing like crazy lately. Yesterday I “juice feasted” for the first part of the day just to do a little inside cleaning of the bod before I go off to school. Who knows when I am going to have access to a juicer on campus! 😦

And finally guess what I ordered…

The woman said they should be here on wednesday! Which is perfect! Hopefully they will arrive in the morning so I can wear them to my final farewell Zumba class (sniff sniff :() before I leave for school. Then it will be two whole weeks without Zumba until I get my certification and start teaching my own classes!

I actually am so excited to start teaching my own classes, but im a little nervous. Its going to be so different being up their teaching instead of in the crowd dancing. Im having my doubts and some worries. What if people aren’t interested in Zumba? What if they don’t like the way I teach?? Well basically im just telling myself that if they don’t like the way I teach, I bet there will be tons of people out there who do. And for those who don’t like Zumba, they wont know what their missing!

And its the final count down!! I leave for school in 3 DAYS! Ahhh I’m so excited! 🙂

I have tons of things to do before I’m ready though. I have to finish packing, pick a few last-minute goodies from the store.. and then I have more laundry. SIIGHHH. I have done about a million loads already.. cant I be done with that part? None of the clothes even need ironed, which is my favorite part of the ironing process so that just takes the fun right out of that.

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What is your favorite household chore?


10 thoughts on “Yog-wild over here!

  1. You’ve got quite a full load there! Love the purple yogurt. I might even get my omni stepson to try it since he’s a big fan of that yucky “go-gurt” junk! I’ll just be sure to not tell him that it’s soy yogurt! ;-D

  2. Crazy thing. Tonight I had my first Zumba class and my instructor was a young girl (she did great) who looked exactly like you (to me). There’s no way you could have been that person, so it was your german Zumba twin.
    Anyway, I think you’ll be doing great, too.
    Everything that’s purple has to be yummy.

  3. Hi girl! I’m back!

    OMG! You start school in 3 (1 more day now) days?! That’s waaaaaaaay too soon! I start at the end of September (22nd)!!! I still have about a month left of summer vacation!

    That yogurt looks soooooooo good! I’m going to have to check it out!

    No juicer? Can’t you take yours with you? “Juice feasted”? Ha ha! 😀 That’s cool! You love juicing, don’t you?

    And those pants!!!!!!!! They look gorgeous!!!!! 😀 😀 I want one! Where did you buy it? Tell me about it!

    And it’s so cool how you’re going to teach zumba!! Are you going to teach at school? Or is it going to be outside? (there’s zumba from 7-8 pm at my school, and I wish you’d teach it!)

    Question for you about Zumba: would you rather teach in the evening or in the morning? (I would like it first thing in the morning, because then I know I’ll go to it; I don’t want to be all sweating at night) And if you were the instructor, then I can ask you to change it! Ha ha 😀

    And give me an answer to the email I sent you! (in case you didn’t get it, it’s “if you were to choose a color, would it be blue or yellow?”) Thanks!! 😀

  4. Zumba instructing fears… ah, I have them too. But you are pushing past them and getting certified! Don’t worry, Michal–You will be great! If you love it, your positive energy will spread through the class, motivating everyone! They’ll love you, I’m quite certain! 🙂

    And I would totally cry–leaving all your regular Zumba buddies–That would be a TOUGH experience! Hang in there. Hopefully, the excitement of college will get you through all these changes.

    Take care, my friend! 🙂

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