Better Get Packin..

Three loads of laundry.

Two hours of my time.

One steamer trunk.

Am I done yet??

Actually no, I’m so far from done packing for college. I finally have a couple of days off from work and I have to get started and pack my behind off! Or otherwise I will be throwing things into trash bags at 1 a.m.

Review Alert!

A couple of weeks ago CSN sent me a steamer trunk to review, which is happening to come in handy since im going off to school in oh.. 10 DAYS!

This trunk has is built out of sturdy wood, and then is covered with a black vinyl covering. The edges of the trunk are all finished off with a black binding, and then there is black locks and latches. Without anything inside it, the trunk weighs about 20 pounds which is pretty light!

It has tons of space inside!

My nephew Alex seemed to like the trunk too, he couldn’t stop playing in it!

Now the trunk while very nice, but was kind of boring. I thought I would jazz it up a little bit. With peace signs and daisy’s of course!

Over all this is a great trunk! Its nice and sturdy, and it seems to be very durable. This is going to be a life saver when it comes toting things to school. But I do have a few things I would change…

  • Side handles! It makes it so bulky and awkward to move without them.
  • I wish the interior was lined with something more durable.

Other than those two things, I’m one happy camper! 🙂

Okay that’s all for me today! I’ve gotta put my towels in the washer, and then start ironing sheets.

Did I mention that I can’t wait for school?!

More tomorrow!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What are your best packing tips??


5 thoughts on “Better Get Packin..

  1. Cute trunk, Michal!

    I’m not going off to college and I still have loads of laundry to tackle! I guess some things never change… 😀 Good luck with all that packing! You’re smart to start early. I’m the master procrastinator. I know I would leave it till the last minute. It seems that’s the only way I know how to operate sometimes! Sigh. Some habits are HARD to break…

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