In with the Nu… or Cafe Nu.

Hello there my fierce little blogging friends.

I have so much to tell you all. First off lets go backwards in time to thursday which was when I had my senior awards banquet for school. I was the happy recipient of a couple scholarships and I couldn’t be more thrilled, and I appreciate every single one of you who wished me good luck on my last post. I definitely felt your good luck vibes! Im putting all of the money that I was awarded right in the bank so I can use it to buy books and things for this college fall. 🙂

After awards my mom and I scooted over to the local lunch spot Cafe Nu to grab a bite.

I have been to Cafe Nu once before once before last august here.

The counter at Cafe Nu.

They have a huge assortment of drinks. It has its own separate teeny menu and everything. Of course Earth Mama and I had to get a couple to start off our meal.

My mom ordered a iced mocha (with soy milk of course!)

I on the other hand opted for an iced chai latte. Yum!

As an appetizer we ordered hummus with grilled pita bread.

As my main course I ordered the Asian Noodle Salad.

Japanese noodles, carrots, celery, green onion, red bell peppers, napa cabbage, bok choy, sesame seeds all tossed in a soy and hoisin sauce dressing.

They had tons and tons of desserts! However none of them happened to be vegan. However as I was talking to the restaurants owner she said that she would be more than happy to take some vegan recipe suggestions to try out in the cafe. How cool is that!? I am now searching for a couple of the tastiest most decadent recipes that I can find to share with her. What are some of your favorite dessert recipes?

Moving on to friday, which happened to be the annual senior skip day at my school. And yes… I skipped! Well more like I asked Earth Mama’s permission to skip, and then she called me off saying that I was sick. And then lo and behold karma… I got sick. I am now the lovely recipient of a icky snuffly-sneezy cold! YUCK! In addition to getting a cold my school was upset that a great portion of the seniors skipped (even though it happens every year, and they anticpate it!) so they are contemplating making us go to school on June 1st! How lame is that!

First nectarine of the season. I am so happy to have these in my life again. 🙂

For those of you who follow me on twitter you may have seen my comments about Jammin for Jordan. Jordan is a boy who used to go to my school who needs another heart transplant after two unsuccessful attempts. He is currently living in a hospital and struggling to make it through each day, which just breaks my heart because he is only 20 years old. Well the girls at my gym decided to organize an event called Jammin for Jordan, where for $15 you could get two whole hours of zumba fun. And then we also had basket raffles and a chinese auction. It was the most amazing fundraiser ever. I unfortunately didn’t bring my camera with me, so I have to wait until my other zumba girls upload pictures in order to share them with you.

5 (official) days of school left. And 9 days until my eighteenth birthday. OMG!

I have got to scoot, I have some muffins in the oven which I need to take out (yes new recipes finally!), laundry to do and im going to attempt and watch a little bit of the LOST season finale tonight.

Oh and im still playing catch-up on my google reader since things have been so busy. So if I haven’t been commenting that’s why. I miss  you all so much! 🙂

Michal ♥

Question of the day – How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Are you watching the LOST season finale tonight?

Leslie is having a Sex and the City giveaway!

17 thoughts on “In with the Nu… or Cafe Nu.

  1. ur such a smart girl, its no wonder uve got some scholarships lined up under ur belt 🙂

    that cafe looks to die for!!! they have such amazing iced coffee drinks! WOW

    i think that would be amazing if they could make more vegan recipes and feature them on their menu- uve totally gotta give them some ideas ❤

  2. that mocha looks delisioso!
    and i am watching it right now! sooo crazy. i’m pretty confused though lol. oh well. congrats on everything and ahh my grad is a month away! ❤ jealousss.

  3. My weekend was spent at work, but I have Monday off so I’m planning on sleeping in, going to yoga, laying out, and then shopping. Pretty much the perfect day, in my opinion.

    That’s great that the shop wants to try out some vegan goodies. Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World has a lot of great ideas that they’d be able to tweak to make their own!

  4. Congrats on winning two scholarships!!! 😀 That’s a GREAT start for college, for sure!!!

    What a fun place that cafe is! And you should totally give them a recipe from VCTOTW!! 😀 (or rearrange it a little so it won’t be exactly from the book; just in case copyright issues rise) 😉 Oh, that would be so cool!!!

    I hope you suceeded in making all your muffins, muffin!! (ha ha!!) 😀

  5. I’m sure I’ve said this before – but girl, you are gorgeous!! And congrats on the scholarships!! After that hard work, you deserved a “skip day.” Every school has those – that’s ridiculous they want you to go to school an extra day for it, though. I have a feeling no one would show up, anyway, haha.
    And too awesome about the cafe saying the’d try vegan recipes. I vote Veganomicon!! She can do no wrong. I bet the baker would be surprised, too 😉
    Hope you’re getting over your cold, have a great day.

  6. That iced mocha looks out of this world! I know Candle Cafe in NYC makes a ridiculously good chocolate mousse pie from tofu…it’s definitely an awesome vegan dessert! Enjoy those last five days of school- you must be so excited to graduate!!

  7. Congrats on the scholarships! I never applied for any since I knew that I wouldn’t be going to school right away but I’m curious as to how many I would have received.

    I can’t believe your school is thinking of making the grads make up the skip day! That’s ridiculous as I’m sure all schools have that day.

  8. ah nectarines and peaches back in my life is the most wonderful thing ever! you should for sure try white nectarines if you ever get the chance, they are so good!

  9. congrats on getting the scholarships girlie 🙂 thats awesome!! you should be so proud of yourself.

    mmm that asian noodle salad looks divine. love any kind of asain food!

  10. Michal, it’s so neat that you got to talk to the restaurant owners about vegan recipes!
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with! And…happy eighteenth birthday!

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