Just a green machine.

I have been having a glorious and mellow day. 🙂

An overall average, and boring school day with nothing interesting what so ever. (Although we are watching survivor in my sociology class, were not at the finale yet but I still cant believe Jerri got voted off!). After school I was able to hit up the gym for a really nice workout that wasn’t rushed since I had the night off from work. Then some graduation party planning commenced, and a little bit of pleasure reading took up the rest of my afternoon. Not a bad way to spend a wednesday!

On another note thank you to everyone who wished my friend Sarah a happy nineteenth birthday on my last post!

A bowl of organic cantaloupe, banana slices, dried coconut and a drizzle or raw agave.

Review Alert!

Alas sometimes when you are out shopping you get so thirsty that you just cant stand it. And sometimes a simple bottle of water just wont do. While I was out graduation dress shopping over the weekend I was so gosh darn thirsty and really craving some juice. I ended up purchasing this Naked Juice drink at Borders.

The Green Machine is made of totally yummy ingredients including apples, bananas, kiwi, mango and hints of spirulina, chlorella and green algae.

The verdict, would I purchase this again? Duh! Not only does the Green Machine Naked Juice taste super but, but its good for you too. Its chock full of the good stuff and will keep you energized while your out shopping or just looking for a refreshing afternoon drink. Plus it doesn’t have any of the nasty additive ingredients that are found in many sugary soft drinks that just slow you down. I really am looking forward to trying more of their products!

Some recent eats!

Raw falafle with my tangy tahini dressing on a bed of greens.

A stir-fry bowl of organic brown rice, steamed broccoli, carrots, corn, peas, sugar snap peas, sun-dried tomatoes and tofu. YUMMY!

I also got a really exciting package in the mail today.

More Yogachips from Yogavive!

Remember back a couple of months ago when I was obsessed with these? Well ever since my stash ran out I have been craving them and I was sent another little 5 pack. Hurrah! Perhaps I should make these last until I can find a way to replenish my stash. 😉

Tomorrow is my senior awards ceremony and I have a totally fierce outfit that I am going to be wearing. After the ceremony my mom and I are going out to grab a bite for lunch. I cant wait to post pictures of my outfit! And keep your fingers crossed that I get some awards/scholarships.

Lastly I only have 7 days of school left, and 13 days until my eighteenth birthday!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – Do you watch any reality television?

16 thoughts on “Just a green machine.

  1. Good eats you got posted up here! Yum! This green machine, I must give a go if I ever find it on my end! Those yoga chips look epic too XD
    7 days of school of left? seriously? haha my last exam is at the end of JUNE! I’m insanely jealous right now 😉

  2. ooh – I tried that green machine smoothie recently too – and also fell in love. SOO good!! and i love the funky ingredients 🙂
    Good luck tomorrow!! sounds like a fun day for sure.

  3. I’ve never tried naked before. And how do you make raw falafels?

    Nice!! So many more yoga chips!!! Lucky you! And almost graduation! (I can tell that someone’s excited about it) 😉

    I hope you win some awards/scholarships and put up your dress pics! 😀

  4. That drink looks pretty good! Have you ever tried GoodBelly? I’m hooked on this stuff! Here’s the website: http://goodbelly.com Let me know what you think. You can find coupons on their website.. Keep up the good work — enjoy your posts!

  5. i missed that one episode in between where jerri got voted off.. so when i saw the finale i was thinking “why the heck isnt jerri sitting in as a finalist” my hopes were shattered @ that moment lol….

    the tofu stir-fry bowl is my favorite! it seriously looks beyond amazing.. love the creaminess ❤

  6. That stir fry looks delish!
    I like most Nake juices but I love all the yummy ingredients in that flavor. I will have to try it out.
    The countdown has begun..enjoy the last few days!

  7. Love the reviews 🙂

    I hope your bars arrive soon ~ they should do as I sent them quite a while back.

    Does ANTM count as reality television? Because if it does then I’m hooked. But really I’m a LOST geek at heart and that’s about as far away from reality as you can get. I can’t wait for the finale!

    Just to say also that if you wanted to contact me my e-mail is jesspea@hotmail.co.uk, as I deleted my old account after some problems with my old blog.

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

  8. Aloha! I got here via a google search for green machine. I loooove that drink!!! Anywho, I am enjoying looking around your blog. You’re a cutie pie and looks like you have an exciting life! Gonna check out more of your food posts to fill up my recipes.

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