Guess who’s back?

Me! I’m back and so so tired!

After driving in the car for over four hours, staying up for almost two days straight and eating massive amounts of the yummiest vegan food possible, i am pooped. I’m uploading and sorting out all of my pictures now (there are tons, over 500!), so I will do a prom weekend re-cap within the next couple days. 🙂 My prom was a blast!

favorite cookie?
oatmeal raisin.
favorite way to eat oatmeal?
with sliced bananas, peanut butter and cinnamon.

favorite snack?
Miss GC inspired snack plates!
favorite sandwich combo?
hummus and roasted red peppers.
favorite vegetarian product?
favorite yogurt?
silk soy yogurt.
favorite fruit?

favorite dried fruit?
favorite veggie?
favorite comfort food meal?
Ezekiel bread with smooshed avocado.
favorite restaurant?
the flaming ice cube.

favorite beverage?
ice cold water.
favorite coffee drink to order?
i don’t really drink coffee, i prefer tea.
favorite dessert?
favorite condiment?
favorite way to eat tortilla chips?
with salsa.
favorite fast food restaurant?

do you watch food network?
i don’t really watch tv, but sometimes.
favorite food network show?
ace of cakes, they are so talented!
favorite salad combo?
mixed greens, corn, peas, roasted red peppers and tahini slaw dressing.
do you like panera?
ive never been there *gasp*
favorite bagel?
whole wheat
do you like cream cheese or peanut butter on your bagel?
peanut butter for sure! or almond butter.
favorite bar?
pb cookie larabar

favorite peanut butter?
maranatha brand.
favorite almond butter?
maranatha brand.
favorite cereal?
natures hemp seed granola.
what milk product do you use on your cereal?
rice milk.
favorite nut?
raw almonds.
favorite candy?
dark chocolate.
favorite ethnic food?
favorite tea?
zena’s gypsy tea.
favorite indulgence?
decadent vegan desserts!
do you like margaritas?
ive never had one.
do you like pickles?
eww, nope.
are you into spicy food?
totally. i love spicy food! 🙂
do you like banana peppers?
yum yum!
favorite way to eat a banana?
plain and all covered in tahini.
favorite way to eat an apple?
raw, when its all crunchy and juicy.
favorite apple variety?
are you good at eating with chopsticks?
i wish i could figure out how to use them!
favorite fruit juice?
the freshly juice kind.
favorite tropical fruit?
hands down favorite food ever?
hmm… that’s a toughie. i have to many.
favorite alcoholic beverage?
i dont drink, im still under age. its not really my thing, ya dig?
but when i get older i would love to have a complete bar area in my house complete with fancy bar furniture and fun food stuff’s to entertain all of my friends! I love being a hostess! 🙂
Thanks Amanda for posting such a fun little questionnaire!
Yawn! I’m off to finish unpacking and finish sorting all of my pictures.
Michal ♥

Question of the day – What is your favorite piece of furniture in your home?

17 thoughts on “Guess who’s back?

  1. Yay! Can’t wait to see pics!
    Favorite furniture.. my bed! Actually, I just like the ambiance of my room all together. The walls are Tiffany blue with white curtains and silver accents. It’s simply impossible to wake up unhappy in a robin’s egg blue room. 🙂

  2. LOVE this questionnaire! I am so posting it tomorrow… look for it!

    I just love Maranatha brand and pineapple.. yum girl!!

    WELCOME back! Missed you :0)

  3. Hmm, the bar thing has me wondering…CSN offer? 😉

    I love peanut butter, I love bananas, I love spicy foods, I love blondies! 🙂 I really want a blondie. Haha!

    I can’t wait to see these prom pictures. I am glad that you had an awesome time. Have a great Monday…ughh Mondays are horrible. Only 3 more [school Mondays] after this one!

  4. I love my exercise ball/desk chair. People always laugh and when they see that it’s what I sit on, but I’ve used it throughout high school and college. It’s like a constant ab workout!

    I’m so glad your trip was a blast. Can’t wait to see some pictures!

  5. first of all- im so happy u had a blast at prom. hopefully u get a good rest- i’d be so tired too!!

    and omg loved ur questionnaire! spicy food = love! and totally agree on so many things like hemp seed granola and chinese food! happy u dont drink since ur underage. most of my friends snuck around and got their older peeps to buy them some.. but i was always like nope.. not for me. o well.

    have a great monday! glad to see u back on posting. xoxo ❤

  6. whoa, epic questionnaire! thanks for sharing your answers with us. it’s always fun to get to know other bloggies better. 😉

    I’m glad prom was so much fun! I can hardly wait to see the pictures!

  7. I love playing house and being hostess, too! great list of things- they all sound wonderful

  8. That’s a lot of questions. No wonder you’re tired.

    Hmmm … my favorite piece of furniture … I guess it would have to be the kitchen table, especially when we eat family meals together. It was my grandmother’s table and chairs set, where I have many memories of eating at as a child.

  9. Glad your prom was amazing, I can’t wait to hear more about it!!
    I love yumz vegan eats, yay!! ❤

  10. Hihi that was a fun survey!

    I have a suggestion for your favorite way to eat a banana:
    FROZEN banana, sliced, with the tahini 🙂


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