Farmers Market & Key Lime Pie!

Morning Muffins!

Happy hump day to you all and yes I’m alive! 🙂

Ive missed you all so much! How is your week going so far? Any big plans for this weekend?

I was so excited over this past weekend because I was able to hit up the first farmers market of the season, and I got some amazing deals!

Amazing prices! Yet another reason to wish for summer!

I felt like a creep taking pictures!

But they were really interestead in blogging, and I even gave them some suggestions about starting their own! Do you ever feel weirded out taking pictures out in public? Do you feel the need to explain that you blog and just arent some random weirdo taking pictures?

Review Alert!

I don’t need to tell anyone that I am a huge fan of Larabars, they are so delicious!

I have been dying to try the Key Lime Pie flavor of Larabar for the longest time, and I was lucky enough to add this to my stash on a recent grocery store excursion.

To see my other reviews head on over to my product reviews page!

Ingredients – Dates, cashews, almonds, unsweetened coconut, lime juice concentrate.

The verdict? Would I buy this again? Heck yes! I was expecting a little more lime action in this bar to be quite honest, but it was still really yummy. I enjoyed how the coconut was a subtle flavor that wasnt really overpowering, but still there enough to provide that little extra kick!

I want to apologize too for my posts being more sporadic this week. There is just a bunch of stuff going on this week in particular because my prom is on friday! I honestly cant believe its almost here, I have been talking about this day since februrary. 🙂 I still have so much to do to get ready. Trial hair runs, nail appointments and I still have to call the restaurant to make sure they can prepare me a vegan meal!

Yesterday morning I got a much awaited phone call, a super special package arrived for pick-up! Remember when I talked about getting a new ipod? Well I made a decision and it came today! I got an iPod touch and it is super cool, I swear I have become addicted to it, it really can do everything! Plus there are so many cool app’s out there. My current favorites are Vegan Yum Yum’s recipe box and Womens Health fitness tracker.

Thats all for me today, I have to take my car Elise to the mechanic she is not feeling her best! After having a whole slew of other problems now her right turn signal isnt working. What the heck does that mean?! 😦 Let’s just hope that it is nothing too costly or huge because I dont feel like spending all day at the mechanics!

Enjoy your wednesday!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What is your favorite app for your iPod?

A yummy granola giveaway over at An Apple a Day.

Michele is having a lunch box giveaway.


17 thoughts on “Farmers Market & Key Lime Pie!

  1. Haha! I forget to feel weird about taking pictures in public until after I’ve done it and realize people are looking at my strangely. When I took a pic of Daiya at my WF there was some lady standing right next to me with a wth look on her face. 😀
    Have a great prom!!

  2. Those oranges look beautiful!!

    I don’t take a lot of really odd pictures in public, so I don’t really end up feeling weird…but I probably wouldn’t explain myself unless someone asked.

  3. I don’t comment much but I have to say I was just wondering the same thing today about taking pictures! I always feel so awkward when I’m not eating at home or whatever & I just bust out my camera to take a picture first. People give me some strange looks…haha!

  4. I feel bizarre only if I’m with people I know- otherwise, I don’t really care what strangers think!

    Have FUN at your prom- it’s such a memorable night! Hope they can prepare a vegan meal for you 🙂

    Have a great week love!!

  5. Isn’t that iPod incredible? I swear, you’ll never be bored again. I love the Twitter and WordPress apps. I’ll admit that I need more games, and I would love more recommendations about things you find.

    Have an amazing time at prom!

  6. I hope Elise feels better!
    Have fun at prom! You must post pictures!
    And, I am so jealous of you for having a farmer’s market.

    Another thing: Key Lime LB’s are one of my favorites!

  7. i can take pictures in public just not in certain places yet..gotta build up my confidence. lol. like a grocery store- hmm i think im too in my head and care what people would think. im pretty sure id be find taking pics in a cafe.. i think the key is to realize most people dont care.. even tho we think theyre thinking were crazy. people do weird stuff all the time.. and ive seen people take pics of the most random stuff– and i never think theyre strange.. so yea …. but totally get what u mean. i get that way all the time! ❤ xoxo

  8. Michal, I’ve been too busy to read my fave blogs lately, much less comment, but I want to add my answer to your question: where did you go to college. First of all, congrats on picking a college. You are in for so much fun. I spent my junior year of college in France, which changed my whole life, and I’m still not over it. If you have the chance to do it, spend a semester or a year or even just a month on a foreign study program. It will double your mental height and your intellectual weight, I promise. Whatever you do, I wish you the best. Working in any part of the health field, I know that your compassion will guide you to excellence.

  9. Oooh – looks like you’ve got a great farmer’s market. Ours don’t start up for another couple weeks!! We have an indoor one, but there’s really not much 😦
    That Larabar looks delish – I think I have a Larabar mini in that flavor that I have yet to try!!
    Can’t wait to hear about your prom – have a blast!!

  10. I love Larabars but they really do not keep me full at all! I am the biggest fan on the cashew cookie flavor. So good! Have you tried it? If not you need to now.

    ❤ farmer market.. I really must go to one sometime soon

  11. I missed you too, girl! My big plan for the weekend is to work on my Spanish project!

    Ahh, I wish it’d be May already, because that’s when the farmer’s market over here opens! (though I can’t go unless Japanese school is canceled/no school day…but still. No school on Memorial day!)

    I get the prom pictures! 😀 And good choice on your ipod! (I like the cover, too) 😉 How much was it?

    I love the Key lime flavor! Tried it at vegfest, and I liked it more than I thought I would. 🙂 It’s very lime-y in my opinion, but we’re all different, so it’s cool! 😀 Have you tried the larabar in the white wrapper? (don’t remember what it’s called…Coconut perhaps?) I haven’t, but maybe I will some day! 😀

    Stay in the hot sun!

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