I think I experienced time travel.

Okay so was anyone else confused about the clocks moving ahead this morning?

I woke up this morning totally bamboozled and had no clue what was going on. I swear each one of our clocks had a different time on them, that’s not ideal when you have to be at work in the morning! I wasn’t late though so it’s all okay. I felt sort of silly though once I got it all figured out. 🙂 The unseasonably warm weather we have been having here in Ohio has now ended and we are stuck with icky grey skies and lots of rain. However the rain is much better than snow so I will take what I can get and not complain!

Today after getting home from the gym I noshed on one of my favorite  flavors of Heart Thrives – Raisin Spice. Yum! I reviewed this flavor here.

I also went out for lunch with one of my best friends today – and guess where we went? Chipotle, my favorite mexican place.

My usual vegetarian salad with fajita vegetables, black beans and a scoop of guacamole. It was a fiesta in my mouth. 🙂 What is your favorite thing to get at Chipotle?

Now as promised I wanted to share my latest use of my new obsession – xanthan gum! I am proud to present to you green pudding!

Green Pudding aka: Luck in a Bowl

1/2 cup cold water, soy, or nut milk of your choice

1 frozen banana, chopped

2 cups greens (Whatever floats your boat!*)

1 tbsp xanthan gum

1 packet stevia, or 1 tbsp agave or other favorite sweetener to taste


In a blender put your banana and 1/2 cup of liquid and blend until smooth. Add your greens (in batches if needed) and blend until a smooth liquid. Add your sweetener and blend again. Now add your tablespoon of xanthan gum and let blend for a full 20-25 seconds until it gets really fluffy and pudding-ey.

Pour into a bowl and serve.

Makes 1 serving.

*My smoothies and puddings are usually a combo of celery, spinach, romaine, cucumber and broccoli. But it varies season to season and what is looking good in the store!

The best part about green puddings is that you can seriously put anything on top – GO CRAZY! Add fresh fruit or dried fruits, nuts, seeds, granola or other cereal. Or you can add peanut putter. 😉 Dee-lish! It has to be one of the healthiest puddings out there that you can eat, its good for you and you feel good about eating it and there is nothing wrong with that!

Plus its just in time for saint patricks day (as if you needed another reason to celebrate!)

Gina from Vegan Strong made my carrot-gasm in a bowl the other day.

Doesnt it look great? Thanks for trying out my recipe Katie!

So lately I have been thinking about getting a new iPod. I actually have a little green shuffle right now which I use at the gym, but I really want to get a bigger one so I can use my shuffle just for the gym and then the other for all of my tunes. Nothing funks up my groove more than having a super slow song come on when I’m in the middle of running! The only thing I can’t decide on is which iPod to get. There is the nano (which I would totally get in kelly green!), the classic, and then the touch. I’m open to suggestions and your thoughts on the three of these. I’m totally not sure which one to get, they all look neat!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – Do you have an iPod? If so what version/model do you have?

33 thoughts on “I think I experienced time travel.

  1. I can’t wait to try a gardein product at chipotle!

    I having a nano that is just for working out and I keep it in my gym bag – and an ipod just for “other”. I was also getting annoyed at random songs popping up! Good luck deciding!

  2. haha I’m totally with you on the time madness today. when i woke up, I actually had to use my computer to go on the US military website to make sure my clocks were right. 😛

    I love your green smoothie. It looks so fluffy and yummy (green’s my favorite color :D). I really need to get some xanthan gum!

    I’d recommend an iPod nano. I have an iPod touch but it’s really awkward to use while running. My mom has a new nano and loves it to pieces. Whatever you choose, I recommend spending a little extra to get the most space. With video and photo capabilities, it goes fast!

    Have a lovely day! xox

  3. love green smoothies!

    i have an old 30 gig ipod photo and an 8 gig ipod touch. the touch is good but doesn’t hold a lot of music… depending on how much you have. in fact, i don’t think they even make it in 8 gig, i got it right when it came out.

  4. So sorry that your mojo was un-mojo’ed . that happens to me as a yoga teacher sometimes i have the room totally going, we are rocking, and then a slow song comes on and it doesnt fit the mood and messes everyting up..i hear ya!

  5. I remember forgetting about daylights savings all the time growing up. We lived in the country and weren’t constantly reminded of it by media, signs on store windows and friends. It’s funny though, being an hour late once really does cure that of you. haha

  6. Oh gosh I totally understand about a slow song coming on and throwing you off! I have an Iphone and I absolutly love it! Most people I know either use their Iphones or have nanos. I think those are really good for working out because they’re so little….and getting one in a cute color doesn’t hurt 🙂 That Chipotle bowl looks dang good! There isn’t one around me so I’ve never been!

  7. Yummy Chipotle!! I get the exact same thing you do, actually- too funny! I love how environmentally friendly their meat is (even though I don’t eat it). They do a great job of serving delicious, quality food at decent prices!

    I love my iPod Classic. I have a ton of music, so I need the space, but I also love that you can download TV shows onto it. It makes for a great distraction while on the elliptical!

  8. I totally missed the whole daylight savings thing this year…I was an hour late to yoga, not sure how I missed that.

    By the way, my name is Gina, not Katie 🙂

  9. I’m on my 4th iPod right now – I started out with a mini back in the day, graduated to a 30 GB iPod video until the battery stopped lasting over an hour, picked up an older shuffle for runs (although, like you, I hate fiddling with it on long runs to get a song that will keep me going), and I received a free iTouch with my new computer this summer. I still have all of them around, but I really love the iTouch. It’s great for music but also for checking email, Twitter, Facebook, and playing games on at all times. I invested in a good case for it since I’m pretty accident prone, but I lug it with me from the gym to the classroom and highly recommend it!

  10. I’m not hugely into music, but see if you can snag a cheap nano from Craig’s list! Around my area I found a ton. Ones with engravings are so cheap because nobody else will buy it. +you put a case over it anyway.
    I hate springing forward!I like fall back though… If I was pres, I would abolish spring forward but keep the fall change hahaha in like 12 years we’ll be sleeping while the sun is out and working while it’s dark

  11. ok, i am one who loves nanos. i have a 8gb pink one and i use it to workout with and put podcasts on it. you can shuffle with the nanos too. i then have a gold one just for messing around with. a certain commercial made me want a gold nano so so much. it’s 16gb and i can fit my whole library onto that one nano.

    also with the nanos you have a pedometer and if you buy nike shoes along with a nike sensor you can track your daily runs, see how much calories you are burning and see how you are progressing with your runs. it’s a really cool invention and i totally recommend it to you, if you are going to get a nano.

  12. I’ve gone through about 6 ipods (only paid for 3)… when I had time to investigate new music I had a 60 gig version, but now I just have a nano.

  13. If you want an ipod for working out, you MUST get the nano! It’s the perfect size, lightweight, takes picture/video, and has a huge storage. I love my ipod touch, but it wouldn’t be practical for working out since it’s just too big. I actually have a nano as well for walking/running and I love it!


  14. Hey girl! I’ve tried the apricot and choco heart thrives but I keep seeing all these new flavors popping up… raisin spice?? thoughts? I’m gonna need to try them! 😀

    I have a semi-old ipod… actually just recently resurrected lol! I think it’s the original mini one. Good luck w/ the purchase.. I agree, runs/workouts without music or tv to distract you are no fun! :]

  15. I have all versions of ipod… hahaha, yes a big mac fan! 😀 I love the latest one because it has video camera!

  16. I have an ipod and it is sooo old.. haha. It’s starting to freak out a lot so I’ve been considering getting a new one too. Not quite sure which one you should get but I would go with the nano – small, cute, and easy to use for working out.

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