You are my sunshine…

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snoooow!

You would think that I would be sick of snow by now, but I’m on my last day of break before I head back to school and I have got a serious case of senioritis. I am praying with all of my might for another snow day. I’ve flushed my ice cubes, my pj’s are inside out and my white crayon is on the windowsill.  As we speak there is some frosty flake-age falling, so lets hope it sticks. What are your craziest snow-day rituals?

It really sounds like you all had a fabulous time on valentine’s day, I enjoyed hearing all about what you did. And thank  you all so much for your sweet compliments on my lovebugs, all of your comments made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I also got a really positive response to my ab workout challenge so it’s getting me excited! Lets all get toned tummies for spring! 🙂

One of my favorite raw foodies was sweet enough to nominate me for receiving the sunshine award!

“This award is easy peasy. All you need to do is give it to 12 other bloggers who bring you sunshine! And link back to the person who gave it to you”

I don’t know if I can choose just twelve there are so many other bloggers who give me joy.

My favorite chocolate covered vegan, Miss GC, my new friends Miho and Katie, Nicole, Andria, Amanda, Anna. And who can forget the amazing ladies who continue to inspire me with their creativity, Miss Caroline of the Broccoli Hut, Sophia, Bianca, Averie, and who can forget my two favorite twins Michelle and Lori.

If I left anyone out it wasnt intentional, it is just impossible to list every single one of you lovely ladies (and the occasional fella’ ;)). I’m nominating each of you for this award because you all deserve it and you all bring me sunshine, just link back and let me know you accepted it!

After I got home from work last night my mom and I exchanged presents, and then just enjoyed each others company.  She knows that I have an obsession with these cute little characters called the Foodie Friends collection from the Paperchase Company. In addition to my cookbook my mom got me playing cards, a bookmark and a notebook which all matches. Aaand a cute little Ziggy with a chef hat. I love Ziggy he has to be one of my all time favorite cartoon characters. Who is your favorite cartoon character?

As you all know I love Alicia Silverstone, and as the final part of my valentines day gift my mom surprised me  by getting me her book The Kind Diet which I have been wanting since it came out! Just flipping through it is getting me all excited. Perhaps there is going to be a little Julie and Julia type challenge in my future?

In other super exciting news I was notified that I was the winner of the amazing give away over at one of my favorite raw food blogs – Pure2Raw – I’ll be getting a tasty sampling of their raw treats including peppermint goji creams… can you say drops of heaven? Oh and some coconut butter. 😉 Right now I feel like I’m the luckiest girl alive.

I cant believe that tomorrow is my one year vegan anniversary! And my first ever giveaway is coming up tomorrow too and it includes a bunch of my favorite things. Now I better be getting to bed, wish me luck on getting that extra snow day!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What are your best cures for a case of senioritis?

17 thoughts on “You are my sunshine…

  1. Hey Michal~ Love your posts! It’s funny you mentioned Alicia’s book, The Kind Diet.. I have it too (autographed copy thx to a friend) and today I just added my own little promotional image on my website (you’ll find it in the right-hand column) to show my support for the book and her work — I am so proud to help promote it! I just read your post in my email and was like, “oh isn’t that neat!”.. BTW, I love it too and I totally admire her for her views and what is she doing — I also am a big fan of her movies! She is awesome~

  2. I have a snow day tomorrow! I hope you get one too! Isn’t it horrible going back after being out for so long? I was out all week last week until Friday! That was horrible. Haha.

    I can’t wait for this ab challenge to start. I am ready!

    Next splurge on my shopping list: that cookbook! It sounds so wonderful. 🙂

  3. Those Foodie Friends things are so adorable! I want them! I’ve been seeing Alicia’s book everywhere on the blogosphere and although I’ve not read it, I feel like I have after reading so much about it. It sounds like an awesome book. A Julie and Julia challenge would be AWESOME! I would totally love to see, and do something like that.

    Congrats on your almost one year vegan anniversary. That is so exciting!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post. 🙂

  4. Happy one year as being Vegan!!

    And WOW thank you so much for including me!!! I really feel so honored and so touched! Thanks Michal!!

    And hurray for a giveaway! I hope I dont miss it, but I have barely been able to blog read!! 😦 I’ll try to remember to come back and enter!!

    HUGS TO YOU!!!!!!!! 😀

  5. you want more snow sweetie? oh no… I’m really sick of it already! but I can understand your reasons!
    congrats on the award and winning another giveaway, you’re such a lucky girl! 😀

  6. I never had any crazy snow day rituals, but I always made sure I did my homework. It was always the days that you banked on a snowday that you had school and were inevitable screwed.

    I hope all of your tricks work!

  7. Here in San Antonio, a single snow day will come only every five to eight years or so. After the snowfall, the temperature fluctuates just enough to turn snow on the ground into ice, and the thing to do, to stay alive, is to stay off the icy roads. When the weather reporter starts to promise snow, the ritual here is to lay in supplies so you won’t have to go anywhere. After that, the relaxation is just perfect. Everything shuts down. Nobody goes to work or school. You do nothing because there’s nothing to do, and nobody expects you to do anything. My favorite way to pass the time is with hot cocoa and a good book. It’s over all too quickly.

  8. Hmm…since it never snows here, I don’t really have a snow ritual…(I wish it snowed more often, though) 😉

    Thanks for the award! You give me too many of them!

    And that cookbook: HOLY DA*M it’s sooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!! I was awwwing when I saw it! Lucky!

    Happy one year vegan anniversary!!! (OOh, on top of that one prize, I have another one coming up (hopefully), so keep your eyes on my “mysteriously unupdated blog”!) 😀 (No, like really) 😉

    Ooh, and I never got your email! :O And it’s not in the spam or deleted box either! Can you resend it? (I was getting worried…) Thanks ya!

    Did I spoil your surprise? Or did you check the pure2raw blog before you read my comment?

  9. Happy Vegan Anniversary!

    I’ll be wishing for more snow for you and wishing that all the snow continues to stay over there. I use to want it but now I’m ready for Spriiiiiiiing! Love your rituals though.. I never had any. Basically it just consisted of me wishing really hard the night before I had school.

    When do you think you’ll start up the abs challenge?

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