Happy national yoga day! 


Each year hundreds of yoga teachers and schools offer free or nearly free yoga workshops to Americans across the country. I honestly had no idea that it was today until this morning – but I made sure to get my sun salutations in before I left to run errands.

Yogi Survey

practicing since: 2009
days a week? typically two or three days
favorite kind of yoga: vinyasa
favorite pose: warrior, bridge, triangle, downward dog
least favorite pose: inversions! I think it’s just because I havent mastered them yet.
musical selections: I prefer silence, or nature sounds like thunderstorms or waves.
why did i start? I wanted a new way to challenge and take care of my body.
mat color: sea-foam green and light blue
what i wear: usually a racerback tank top and a pair of soffees or yoga pants.

I’m so glad that you all enjoyed hearing about our Awesome Rawesome Challenge that I took place last thursday! Were beginning to plan things for next months challenge, so if you would like to participate email me at and I will send you all the information. 🙂

Today was the first saturday that I have had off in over a year so I am in a super good mood. Ever since I have found out that I have been accepted into Wooster I have let myself relax a little. Now my main focus is scholarships. I’ve been working on a fun one though that im really excited about! I have to write a public service announcement for a local organization or charity, and if mine is chosen I not only get a scholarship with it will be shown on the air! I’m doing my PSA on a local animal organization which fights animal cruelty and abuse.

Cranberry Vanilla Biscotti

Chocolate Almond Biscotti

After being inspired by the coconut lime biscotti that was being served at work the other day, I decided to try to make my own. This was my first time making biscotti and I am in love with it. For my first batch I made Cranberry Vanilla I used the base recipe in V’CON for Almond Anise Biscotti, but I subbed some of the sugar for stevia and brown sugar, omitted the almond extract and anise seeds, and added dried cranberries. For the Chocolate Almond biscotti I used the same base recipe, only I added 2 tablespoons of 100% cocoa powder. Yum!

I’m off to work on a couple of scholarship essays and to watch Julie and Julia with my mom! Tomorrow im working at the FIC, cant wait! In the next couple days be on the look out for a product review, and my first excerpt from my paper.

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What is your favorite yoga pose?

Miss GC is having a giveaway!


12 thoughts on “Namaste

  1. I am only on chapter 6 of Dear John and it is really good! I would highly recommend it. Plus, it is going to be in theaters soon. 🙂 What book are you in the middle of reading? (I love book ideas!)

  2. Hi!

    Yummy looking biscottis, good work Iron Chef :p

    My fave yoga pose: The dog pose (Idk how it’s called, lol)

    Thanks for the GC giveaway shoutout…sounds awesome 🙂


  3. I was celebrating and didn’t even realize it. Hayden let me get in 30 min. of yoga.

    I’m so jealous that you got to watch “Julie and Julia.” I want to see it so bad, but I can’t talk the hubby into it (we usually watch flicks together). I’d love to do something similar with my blog and cook/uncook my way through a book. I just need to pick one 🙂

  4. Hmm, I think it’s time to break out my V’Con book. I bought it but haven’t used it yet. 😮 Blasphemy, I know.

    I don’t do yoga yet so I don’t have a favorite pose.. well, except for tree pose because that’s all I know. xD I incorporate it into my post run stretches because I find that it makes me feel centered. I can’t wait to attend my first yoga class one day!

  5. Nice work on the biscotti! You’re going places girl! AND that scholarship thing sounds really fun. I love doing stuff like that.

    I really love to do poses that twist my spine in yoga. AND I love pigeon pose. SUCH a good stretch.

    Have a great day = )

  6. gosh, biscotti is the best. anything that encourages coffee drinking is the best, in my book.

    a bientot!
    the paris food blague

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