The most amazing, fantastical, awesome, friggin spectacular thing ever happened to me!

Read on to find out.

Recently I have been wanting to get out of my food rut, so when I saw pomegranates in the store I thought I would pick a couple up to try. A little bit about pomegranates…

  • Pomegranates contain very high levels of anti-oxidants.
  • Excellent sources of  vitamin B (riboflavin, thiamine, biotin, folic acid), vitamin C, phosphorus and calcium.

Pomegranates are tangy, sweet and juicy all at once.  They can be used in drinks, savory dishes, desserts and used as garnish. Pomegranates can be kept for two months after purchasing as long as they are stored in a cool place.

All I can say about pomegranates is that they need more preperation than your average fruit.  If you want to have some with your morning breakfast you might want to do it the night before hand. Otherwise you will be scraping the insides of a pomengrante at 6’oclock in the morning half asleep. 😉

Overall I thought that the pomegranates were tasty, but I was expecting way more in terms of flavor. Maybe I had my hopes set to high after hearing so many wonderful things about them on the blogosphere, or perhaps mine wasn’t fully ripe. What is your favorite way to enjoy a pomegranate?

The other night my mom and I made pizzas. On mine I used a mini ezekiel wrap, homemade humus, broccoli, peas, grape tomatoes, olives and a sprinkle of vegan parmesan.

Now for my super amazing news. Remember when I job shadowed at The Flaming Ice Cube about a month ago? Well last night I got a call from Jessica who I mentored, and she told me that they have a posistion available and get this…

they offered me a job

I can’t believe that I am now working for my favorite vegan restaurant! My first day on the job is this saturday, where I am going to be getting trained. 🙂

Sorry for the quick post tonight. I have a lot of preperation to do for mid-terms and final exams next week. Plus I have a zumba class and then I am going out to dinner with my good friend at Chipotle.

I hope you enjoyed you wednesday!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What was/is your first job?


18 thoughts on “OMG!

  1. Hi!

    I have yet to find a job…
    Congrats on the new job!! I hope they give specials to employees…lol. I know a guy who work at Mcdonalds and have 50% off everything in every Mcdonalds.

    Pomegranate…Mmmm! I remember, I had my first one this year and spiled juice everywhere, my mom was constanly yelling at me.

    My fave way to enjoy pomegranate is in my ‘Vanilla Banana-Pom’ Oatmeal…


  2. Congrats! I hope training all goes well on Saturday! X)

    Pomg’s are so good, but very seedy 😉 And the pizza looks yum! (how do you make hummus? I really want some right now;)

    My first job was teenie tennis; quite fun, but only during the summer! (aka a good time to make money, don’t you think?)

    I hope you get good discounts at the store!! XD

  3. SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!! Congrats, this is great! What kinds of things will you get to do there? My first job was at a video store that my parents eventually bought.. lol. I still work there.

    When it comes to pomegranates, I just like to eat them as they are. I have extreme difficulties with the seeds and just devour them as I tear it apart. Mad skills are what I have.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS, MICHAL! I knew you would get the job. 😉

    Mmm, pomegranates. I have one to seed soon! I love to top banana soft serve with the little arils, or top my oats with them! I have never actually blended them into a smoothie, but I bet that would be great too. Yours might not have been ripe enough. I have had a bitter pomegranate before, but I mostly end up with a very sweet tasting one. Maybe you will have better luck next time. Don’t give up on them just yet!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! This is so exciting!!! I just started my first full-time job, but my first paying job was waiting tables.

    I love pomegranates in salad.

  6. Congratulations!!! How exciting! I did a little internship at a local culinary center with cooking classes & a deli. Afterwards they offered me a position and it was great! I also worked at a frozen custard shop which was dangerous because I got free custard almost every day! Have fun at zumba 🙂

  7. YAYAY! Congratulations! That sounds so awesome!

    Pomegranites are one of the worlds most amazing foods and for the life of me I cannot eat them any other way that just straight up. They’re like jewels of flavor and nutrients that are so excited to be eaten they explode:)

  8. Congratulations Michal! I had no doubt you would get the job! I’m really happy for you =)

    I have no special way of eating pomegranate… but then again I’ve only tried it once before. It’s a little too strange in flavor and texture for me, a little too time consuming, annnd a little too expensive for me.

  9. I just saw your other comment, sorry! I have been dancing since I was 3. I do tap, jazz and I am on a competition dance team. I am also in my first year of ballet (it’s not toe ballet – more like lyrical). I love it so much! That’s a shame that you couldn’t continue. 😦

    A question: Is there a way to reply to comments on blogspot by just replying underneath? It takes so much time to go to the person’s blog to reply to their comment. But, I want them to be able to know that I left a reply. :/ Complicated, I know. Haha, if you don’t know, it’s alright. I was just curious.

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