One word. Yum.

Wee. ūüôā

Im one happy camper!

I went to the Flaming Ice Cube with my good friend Pat yesterday for a late lunch and it was so much fun.

We started off our meal with drinks.

I opted for a cup of red chai tea, while Pat chose a roasted almond coffee.

As appetizers we both had this amazing soup which we had sampled before Рa sweet potato peanut butter bisque. It was so savory a delicious.

Here are the main courses!

I decided to try the organic soba noodle salad. It came on this gorgeous plate and had soba noodles on a bed of greens dressed in a spicy plum vinaigrette. Topped with grilled organic peanut ginger tofu, peanuts, carrots and green onion. Sound amazing? It was!

My friend chose to try the Mediterranean Panini which I of course tried last time I was there job shadowing. Homemade artichoke dip topped with roasted red peppers, red onion, kalmata olives, tomatoes and spinach.

Of course we couldn’t leave without having dessert ūüėČ

Pat had one of their signature red velvet cupcakes which looked pretty on a plate that was drizzled with a raspberry sauce.

I had the yogurt parfait which had vanilla soy yogurt, organic hemp seed granola (so amazing!) and tons of fresh fruit.

Isnt is pretty?

One of the things I love about the FIC¬†is how beautifully¬†they present all of their food. Not only are they on¬†a mission to provide hearty vegan food, but they want to prove that vegan food is good food. I know from personal experience¬†that it is a common stereotype¬†that vegan’s live off of lettuce and raw tofu. Well obviously that is not the case at the FIC. ūüôā


And look what I got as I gift! Pat got me this new cookbook – Peta’s¬†Vegan College Cookbook!¬†This couldn’t¬†be more perfect since this time next year ill be a full-time¬†college student! Just flipping through it, ive seen so many recipes which have funny names like “Butt Ugly Sticky Buns” and “Legume Va-va-va Voom”. Cant wait to try some of them out. I am so greatful to have good friends like Pat.

More christmas fun tomorrow!

Michal  ♥

Awesome snacky giveaway over at Healthy and Sane.


11 thoughts on “One word. Yum.

  1. Oh.. I don’t even know what to say. All that food looks so GOOD! I thought noodle salad looked amazingly delicious and then I scrolled down and saw the desserts. *SIGH* Yum!

    Where’s my Flaming Icecube? I wish I had one right next door. That would be lovely.

  2. Nice! They all look yum!

    BTW, isn’t the cookbook awesome?! They have the best & simplest recipes ever!!! I love that book so much that I read it whenever I need to wait for something (using computer, etc.) in the house! XD

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