In with the new…

Have I introduced my new boyfriend yet?

Psh…Taylor Swift who? 😉

Last night I went to see New Moon with one of my best friends. The movie was amazing, waiting in line for two hours was totally worth it. Thank gosh I got my ticket weeks in advance though, I felt bad for the poor girls behind the ticket counter. There was a mob of girls literally screaming at each other trying to get the remaining tickets. Can you say cra-zay!?

Review alert!

I found a new flavor of Larabar and I was so excited to give it a try. The peanut butter cookie flavor is made with only three organic ingredients – peanuts, dates and salt.

This flavor is amazing! I literally am drooling just thinking about it. It was so peanut buttery and perfectly crumbly and moist. I wanted to take teeny bites, savoring it. But it was gone in three huge bites. I would definitely say that this flavor is one of my favorites, along with apple pie and cashew cookie. I went back to pick up a couple more and they were all sold out. Let’s hope they get them in stock again soon!

I also want to talk about new friends. I have met so many wonderful people through blogging and I wanted to give a shout out to my new friend Miho from Sagojyou Vegan. She is so nice, and really talented when it comes to creating things. Make sure you check out her blog 🙂

This weekend I am going but super busy! Tomorrow im dressing up like an elf for a pancake breakfast, going to work and working on making my christmas presents for my family. Sunday Im going to a pet fair which I am looking forward too. I get to play with animals all day long!

Im also happy to share that I got another college acceptance letter from one of my top choices! YAY!

What are your plans for this weekend, anything fun or exciting?

Michal ♥

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14 thoughts on “In with the new…

  1. Nice new boyfriend you got there! I’m pretty sure that a zillion girls out there are jealous of you! X3

    I’m totally going to try the Larabars! Never knew which ones were good, so I’m going to go for cashew cookie 😀

    Lucky you for getting into college! Where are you going to go? Any decisions yet??

    Ha ha, thanks for mentioning me! It tickles to be talked about! *blush* XD

    • Yay for cashew cookie – let me know how you like it!

      Well I applied to Mount Union, Wooster, Westminster and im still applying to a couple more including Ohio University. Im not sure where Im going to go yet, but thank gosh I still have time to figure it out 🙂

      Do you have any thoughts on where you want to go yet?

  2. Hey Michal! Yeah, I am so happy to back to blogging! Thanks for the compliments! 🙂 The cookies were drool-worthy, indeed. I was never a big fan of coconut (or Almond Joy for that matter) before becoming vegan! Crazy, huh? I am sure glad that coconut is a favorite of mine now. 🙂

  3. As you could tell from my blog, I am a Team Edward fan! Jacob and the whole wolf pack, I might add, look pretty good in the movie though. It was pretty crazy opening night in Vegas also.
    I love larabars and I would have to say that the peanut butter cookie bar is my favorite so far. I love that the ingredient list is so simple, most bars you buys have such a long list it’s scary.

  4. Did you know if you put 1 cup blanched salted peanuts or raw peanuts with some added sea salt and 7-8 dates and process in a food processor; roll into balls or whatever form you like ….it tastes just like Larabar’s Peanut butter cookie…which I LUV! I make a batch of these every week!


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