Logg-er whats?


Wait… what?




Are you kidding me?!

So much is going on here on the front. Trigonometry has become even more difficult, so all of my spare time is going into studying. This class is the one that will make or break my GPA. The pressure! Logarithms… who needs them anyway?

Regardless of me whining about my math classes I have a couple very special things that I want to make sure I announce.

Katie one of my favorite food bloggers is not only whipping up batch after batch of tasty babies (sounds weird I know, but so chocolatey!) but she is doing it for a good cause. Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness is a page view charity drive being held to raise money for her favorite charities. A couple clicks around her blog will have you itching to make any number of her delicious creations!

Now onto a couple of quick eats before I once again dive in to the lovely world of trigonometry.


Creamy bowl of Imagine’s Creamy Tomato Soup – dee-lish!

smoothie goodness

An amazing combo in my huge jayss mug!

Bananas + Cantaloupe + Raspberries = Win!

And before I go…

Haylee is having an awesome giveaway!

Katie is having an amazing giveaway – as if you needed a reason to click!

Flirty Apron Giveaway. These are soo adorable!

Michal ♥


5 thoughts on “Logg-er whats?

  1. Ughhh, Trig sucks! That is what I am doing in school. We will have to both hang in there until Spring. 😦 But, like Choc. Covered Katie said…college will be better! Unless, you are planning on studying math. =P

  2. I hated math, all of it. I took my math classes in summer school, so I wouldn’t have any other distractions, and that was the only way I could do fairly well. People were amazed that I actually chose to go to summer school, but I would have slept all day anyway, and the classes ended at 1pm and then I went to the pool. I got a lot more out of my summers that way, and when I was a junior, somebody came to me and told me I could graduate at the end of the year! High school in three years, just because I hated math. Looking back though, I think I was just afraid of math, that it wasn’t really that difficult.

    • That is excellent! If I had that option I just might have done that, but they dont offer things like that at my school unless your failing. Only six more weeks left then Im done with math until college woo! 🙂

  3. There is a distinct possibility that this will be creepy, but i just saw your post on “vegan shit”s wall. I’m a vegan at Ohio University in Athens – I actually came here as a carnivore but went vegan my freshman year.

    to answer your question, Athens is VERY vegan-friendly. I’m from Columbus and I find a much better selection of vegan and organic products in Athens. There’s a year-round farmers market filled with lovely hippies – there’s even a large group of students called VCW: Vegan Cooking Workshop that’s gone on for about 7 years now. They make delicious food together every Tuesday night (all you can eat for $3! all vegan!)

    You’re intelligent just for considering school in this area!! Athens beautiful. I could live here for the rest of my life, and most of my friends say the same. Best of luck to you – let me know if you have any other questions!

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