Takin it Easy…

Mental Health Day – A quasi-legitimate excuse to take a day off from school or work. Although the person who takes the day off claims he needs it to finish up some work and regain sanity from the rat race, he usually ends up sleeping in, and accomplishing less than nothing, and just chilling out.

Every once in a while everyone is in need of a mental health day, dont you agree?

Well today happened to be my day. I was all set and ready to leave for school, but honestly I really didn’t feel like going which is rare for me because I love school! But I have so much going on this week, so when my mom suggested to me that I stay home and get all caught up I was reluctant, but accepted in the end. Boy did I feel guilty about it though, Im probably the only high schooler who can’t skip school and jump for joy.

larabars... mmm!

Choco Mole

Yesterday in my lunch box I packed a cocoa mole. Made with only six ingredients – dates, almonds, walnuts, coco powder, cinnamon and chili’s – this bar was loaded with fiber and protein. My verdict on the flavor? Eh, it was just okay. It was chocolate-y alright, but I just found the taste to be a little bland. The addition of the chili was nice and unexpected, but overall I just found it to be a bit boring.

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So what did this lazy bum do today?

For starters I got a hair cut! YAY! Pictures to come soon. I also went grocery shopping, worked on college applications, studied for my big english exam on renaissance poetry and did some trig. 

I have also got some good news! My dehydrated goodies turned out beautifully, I am so excited. I was able to make a batch of banana chips, which I am happy to report are all in my belly. None of them survived to be photographed. Whoops! Ill be making another batch soon so im not worried.

SP&NB soup

 For dinner tonight I had my new favorite fall treat – SP&NB soup!  Scrumptious as always.

In addition to dehydrating goodies and planning my first vegan thanksgiving, I have been feeling really creative in the kitchen. I have been making all kinds of things that have turned out good… and not so good. One of the more blah dishes was a raw humus that I made last night for dinner.

raw humus

A blah picture for a blah-ish dish. It honestly wasn’t too bad, I think I just need to adjust the spices a bit more. It was a little different from your conventional humus because I used soaked and sprouted chickpeas instead – but I didn’t think there was too much of a difference in texture. Perhaps I’ll try it again later on this week, and make a couple adjustments. Any suggestions?

Michal ♥


6 thoughts on “Takin it Easy…

  1. Shut my mouth! Here I am in San Antonio and I haven’t seen the cocoa mole Larabar, and I never leave the store without Larabars.

    I totally agree about mental health days. Must have one now and then, and even so, it doesn’t guarantee against insanity.

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