Lemony Lemons

Good Morning!

The other night I went out to dinner with a really good friend of mine named Pat. It was so nice to see her and to be able to sit down and catch up since we both have been so busy lately! We ended up going to this cute little new place that opened up downtown called The Lemon Grove Cafe.

inside the cafe

inside the cafe

september 040

sorry it's blurry

 The Lemon Grove Cafe focuses on using locally grown  produce, and their menu depends on whats fresh and what is in season. It has a really cool coffee shop vibe, and they have live bands and poetry slams and everything. My friends and I were looking for the perfect place to go to after our homecoming dance on October 3rd, and I think we found it! One of the other things I love about it, is that it has a juicer where they make freshly squeezed apple and carrot juices. This makes me really excited because here in my area stuff like this isn’t really popular, so seeing a family taking a risk and opening a business like this is amazing!

fresh organic salsa

fresh organic salsa appetizer

 As an appetizer we both split and order of their homemade salsa with chips. (sans chips for me, i opted for veggies)

fresh carrot juice

fresh carrot juice

my dinner

my dinner

For my dinner I chose to get the Garden Salad with the Lemon Chive dressing, my friend got the Caesar Salad both were so yummy! I wish I could know how they made that dressing!

Today on my end I have a super busy day. I am grocery shopping and running errands before I go into work from 12-4 then I get to come home, change and then am off to a band show tonight that is about two hours away by bus ride! This is my favorite band show, there are always over ten bands there performing and you get the chance to meet so many new people.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Question of the day –

Any fun plans for this weekend? Spill! I want to hear all about them (:


3 thoughts on “Lemony Lemons

  1. Everything looks delicious!

    My plans – some organizing, job applying, and relaxing. Maybe a niiiiice long walk. The fiance has a class all day today so I have the day to myself.

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