Tofu to ya!

happy sunday guys and girls ♥

I hope you all have been enjoying your weekend, I know I have been enjoying mine.

My mom and I went shopping today to get outfits for my senior pictures, and I am happy to report that I am successful! I have all of my outfits and I bought a couple new sweaters and a few necklaces to boot. While we were out and about today we ended up going to my favorite place… you should know where by now! The Flaming Ice Cube. Pictures to come tomorrow of the food and the fun – I was able to pick up a couple special goodies too!

pan fried tofu

pan fried tofu

I told you guys I had some big plans for my new little eco friendly pan. I had my first experience cooking with firm tofu, normally I use the silken tofu. I pan fried firm tofu in a little bit of EVOO and then sprinkled it with sea salt and pepper. I cut it into little cubes, and in cutlets too which you see here. It was simple and oh so tasty. I had a few of the cutlets on ezekiel sprouted grain wraps, with spinach, tomato, green onions and my favorite green mountain gringo salsa.

brekkie fast

brekkie fast

Another quick breakfast before school. One thing that I have been having to do because of my schedule is eating more mini meals, which I actually don’t mind. Usually for breakfast Ill have a green smoothie with other fresh fruit, and a piece of sprouted grain bread. For a mid-morning snack Ill grab almonds or something which I sneak in class. For lunch I have been having hummus (which I made from scratch!) and veggies, or granola with rice/soy milk.

hugh jass salad

hugh jass salad

Lot’s of hugh jass salads! This time I had this nifty addition…

Calavo Guacamole

Calavo Guacamole

My mom picked this up at the store for me as a nice little treat, usually I just use whole avocados for my salads but this was nice for a change! Inside it came with two separate packages. Made using only avocados and sea salt its super delicious!

Well I’m off I have to put the finishing touches on my paper and get ready for school tomorrow.

Good Night (:

Question of the day –

What did you do over the weekend? Anything fun? (I hope so!)


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