Catchin-up Part Three

Good Morning

Thanks for all the fun ideas on what to wear for my pictures! I’m going shopping on Sunday, so I’m hoping that I will be able to find a few cute things. I think I am changing my outfit three times, and I’m thinking ill do one dressy, one casual and one that’s a more dressy casual. Oh and I got my hair cut too, it turned out super cute I have to post some pictures later on tonight.

I have just enough time for a quick post before I run out the door. Hopefully once things die down around here I will be able to get back to blogging regularly. I’m taking my license test today an I’m super excited – I really do hope that I pass! Yesterday was my mom’s birthday and today I’m taking her out to lunch at our favorite place The Flaming Ice Cube.

brekkie-fast ♥

brekkie-fast ♥

This has to be one of my favorite combinations. Its the lovely Gena’s banana soft serve topped with a scoop of cinnamon raisin granola. Yummers (:

hugh jass salad

hugh jass salad

I have been munching away on huge-mungus salads. One of my new favorite things to put in it is fresh fruit. Especially apples and grapes, and bananas too! It just make the salad way sweeter. I got a new dressing that I just adore…

Annie's Raspberry Vinegarette

Annie's Raspberry Vinaigrette

This dressing is super yummy and light. It has a really nice little kick to it, but is also really sweet because of the raspberries. (Note my big stack of AP work in the background, I’m almost done with it thank goodness!)

Gotta run, I hope I will have some good news for you guys later.

Wish me luck ♥

Question of the day –

How old were you when you got your drivers license?


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