Hope you all are doing fabulous, I have so many fun things to talk about. First off thanks so much everyone for wishing me luck on my interview. It went great! We ended up talking for over an hour and it was just so comfortable, I was not nervous at all. The campus was beautiful and it had such a fun yet relaxed vibe. Now you might be wondering why C.O.W? That stands for the College of Wooster, where I went on my visit!

First off breakfast. A serious college girl needs a serisouly yummy college breakfast!

umm yes please!

umm yes please!

In this bowl of yum I had a variation of my new favorite maple-chia pudding, only this time I added flax seeds, blueberries and shredded coconut left over from my experiment with making raw coconut milk from Sarma’s book Living Raw Food – it turned out super delish. Along side my bowl of chia goodness I had a huge macintosh apple and a half a banana with an ezekiel wrap.

Cinnamon Roll Larabar

Cinnamon Roll Larabar

Since it was about an hour and a half long drive to the campus I knew that I was going to get a case of the munchies, so I decided to pack a snack. Of course I decided to bring a Larabar and I knew that Cinnamon Roll was the way to go. It was really good, but honestly I thought that it was going to be better. It tasted pretty close to a cinnamon roll, but I think that maybe I was expecting to much because I have been dying to try this flavor. Apple cinnamon is still my favorite!

The Delmar Building

The Delmar Building

Me standing infront of the Kauke Archway

Me standing in front of the Kauke Archway

At the College of Wooster one of the traditions that they are known for is filling that huge archway to the top with snow! According to legend if the archway is filled to the top with snow classes the next day will be canceled. How neat! Oh and don’t you love my outfit – everything came from forever21 my favorite store in the mall : )

A picture of the quad

A picture of the quad

 The tour was great! I learned so much about the college that I didn’t know before, like for example they have a study abroad program (which is a must for me!) and they are a top tier school in the running with Princeton! Neato-mosquito!

The Barn

The Barn

After trekking the campus and having my interview we were all hungry so where did we go? This cute little place called The Barn. The Barn is actually in a barn that is over 100 years old, and the food was so yummy! They had this massive salad bar so of course I loaded up two plates. Hehe!

salad numero uno

salad numero uno

The second was gone too quickly before I could snap a picture – but it was really good. These people are lucky that I had my morning snack otherwise I bet I could have eaten them out of a salad bar. The Barn also overlooked this really pretty pond that was filled with ducks, it was such a nice place to relax.

me with a baby tree

me with a baby tree

I just had to post this picture, this tree is so cute and teeny. It was actually planted a couple years ago when my friends (who were kind enough to bring me on this college visit, thanks again guys!) son when he graduated from Wooster. 

I had such a blast, and I even stopped at the campus store and picked up a t-shirt which is super adorable. Ill snap of a picture of me in it soon I promise! After I got home from my visit I changed real quick and headed to the gym where I did about 45 minutes of cardio between a stair master type thing and a bike. Feel the burn!

Tomorrow ive got a bunch of yummy eats, plus a review and some other fun news!


5 thoughts on “C.O.W

  1. aww I am so glad to hear that your interview went well!

    Im not a fan of the cinnamon flavor either..apple trumps most larabars in the end 😀

  2. I just love those Lara bars. I’m totally addicted. Even the price doesn’t seem bad when compared to a candy bar of the same size, and the Laras are so good for us! My favorite is ginger snap.

    • Ginger snap I didnt even know they made that flavor! I know I probably wont be able to find that around here though, thats such a bummer!

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