Spice is nice

Morning – hope your all enjoying your saturday!

I have got a really busy day here ahead of me. I have been working everyday this past week, which is nice money-wise however it’s tough because I’m getting burnt out. Today I work until six and then we are running some errands which includes getting supplies to make t-shirts for the harry potter premier next week (yes I am a huge fan!), stopping at borders to pick up the new VegNews and perhaps a new cookbook, and then we are going to practice cones because guess what… I’m taking my drivers test this Tuesday morning!! I am so anxious but I really hope that I am able to pass.



Last night my mom and I stopped at Giant Eagle and I picked up a couple more of Vita Coco’s coconut waters. I honestly think that this is my new favorite drink of choice because it’s really good and good for you too. We also picked up some more Lara Bars (which I am excited about), some soy milk, a few veggies here and there, and my mom had a coupon for two dollars off a Morningstar product – so she bought the Asian Veggie Patties.

The past two night I have made the most scrumptious southwestern inspired salads.

spicy just the way I like it!

spicy just the way I like it!

Southwestern Salad

In this salad I just threw together…

  • Spinach
  • 1/2 avocado
  • Eden Organics refried pinto beans
  • ear of sweet corn
  • 1 tomato
  • jalapeno pepper
  • mushrooms
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • ground cayenne pepper

Mixed all together and you get a big salad that definitely will not disappoint. Breakfast and lunch for me lately has been some variation of my Be Real Oatmeal which I am obsessing over. I honestly can not eat enough of it. On a sad note last night I finished eating all of the leftover’s from my potluck – but I think on sunday I shall be attempting to re-create the hummus. However I just need to get some tahini.

We also placed an order from The Raw Food World. We ordered me a three pound bag of hemp  protein powder, some more kelp noodles, and chia seeds! It should be here sometime next week so right now I am looking for some cool recipes to try that use chia seeds. Well I am off to eat my oaties with AB!

What vegan cookbooks would you guys reccomend?



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