Potluck Pics

Ive got oodles of pictures to share!

After eating three helpings of everything last night and munching on leftovers all day today I am one happy girl. All of the food was amazing – and my friends even brought me some special goodies. My friend Donna gave me fresh basil and kale from her garden and coconut butter – which i have been wanting to try because it smells so yummy! Karla, my other friend gave me a bag full of sun-dried tomatoes which I am really excited to cook with. Thank you both so much!

Now to the potluck! I decided to make two of my favorite recipes from Ani Phyo. I made my sweet red pepper corn salsa but added spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes – I also made pecan pie cookies. In the cookies I ended up using raspberry tea instead of the orange juice because we didn’t have any. But they turned out tasty anyway!

Pecan Pie Cookies

Pecan Pie Cookies

All of the food that everyone brought was delicious. I tried to pick a favorite but I couldn’t!

raw potluck

I want to apologize in advance for the pictures being a bit blurry – I was really eager to start eating haha!

carrot-avocado soup & corn chowder

carrot-avocado soup & corn chowder

sunflower seed & mint stuffed tomatoes

sunflower seed & mint stuffed tomatoes

 Dar made these and they are so yummy! She made the carrot-avocado soup was so creamy and dreamy – and there were only two ingredients.

Sun-dried tomato hummus!

Sun-dried tomato hummus!

This hummus has to be the best I have EVER eaten – and I work in a lebanese restaurant. My friend Karla made this and I am so happy she did. I am even happier that she gave me a tupperware container of it to take home!



It is so funny – my friend Donna and I both made the same cookie recipe from Ani Phyo. You can see the difference. She let hers process more and formed them in teeny cute flat pancakes. I however simply used an ice cream scooper to make balls that were about the same size.

I just love our monthly potlucks – the conversation is great and I trulydo look forward to spending time with my friends. Our next one is scheduled for August 12th!


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