You never know…

Afternoon guys!

Hope your all doing well. Its Sunday so its nice that I finally have a day to stay at home and bum around. My day has been pretty relaxing so far. I woke up this morning and went for a 45 minute walk. Then I had my usual morning cocktail of carrot-apple juice with hemp protein powder. After showering and cleaning up the kitchen a bit I decided to make my mom some organic vegan brownies, so they are in the oven now and smelling oh so good. All I really have left to do is study for my Chemistry and Algebra tests and finals.

I have a super yummy new recipe that I am dying to share with you guys. I created this recipe a couple nights ago and it literally takes two seconds to put together. Its for my homemade marinara sauce.


Simple Marinara Sauce

2 cups cherry tomatoes (or whatever tomatoes you have on hand)

1 clove garlic – chopped

splash of EVOO

palmful of fresh cilantro

oregano & rosemary – to taste

celtic sea salt & black pepper – optional

basil – fresh or dried for garnish

All you do is simply put all of the ingredients into a blender or food processor (I have my magic bullet), turn it on and let it blend until it reaches the texture that you like. Let it mix for a little longer if you like a thinner sauce. See didnt I tell you it was easy!

 The color and taste of your sauce all depends on the type of tomatoes you use. I love making this sauce for dinner using whatever tomatoes I have on hand. Once made you can use it as a dipping sauce for fresh cut veggies, or pour it on top of sea kelp noodles. Last night I had my homemade sauce over a bed of  fresh spinach and mung bean sprouts. Can you say DELICIOUS!

Something really awesome happened yesterday at work. It was about three o’clock and I was just sitting down to my lunch break eating a bowl of fruit salad that I prepared, when a woman and her daughter walked in. Lets just say at first I was mad because we had been super busy up until this point. Anyway we started talking and it turns out that they were both vegetarians and aspiring raw vegans!! It was so exciting to meet other people who share the same views as I do so we traded email addresses and promised to be in touch soon. It just goes to show you never know who your going to meet! So Tara and Tiffany if you ever read this, its Michal : )

My birthday is on Tuesday June 2 and I will be turning seventeen! Yay! I’m planning on going out to a local vegan restaurant with a close friend to celebrate – but I don’t know exactly when yet because I need to study for my finals but Ill be sure to take pictures.

Hmm I think I am going to go make a fruit salad and then begin studying for my finals. Only four days of school left then I am out for the summer – and a Senior!



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